Chatroom History
January 11, 2018 12:00pm - 2:29pm

DJ MEOW: MEOW!! (12:05pm)
Dial: Hey kitty! Tunes are keeping me warm. Cheers! (12:14pm)
DJ MEOW: cheers!! xo (12:14pm)
file under Atom: Welcome back! :) (12:17pm)
DJ MEOW: YAA! Thanks atom (12:20pm)
sf_jz: Good to hear you back- left of the dial and right on the music!!! (12:23pm)
DJ MEOW: AWWW ! Meow1 (12:25pm)
87.9FM: AWESOME! (12:25pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow!! (12:27pm)
netzard: How about a little SPK? (12:29pm)
DJ MEOW: no internet to get. Sad meow! (12:42pm)
netzard: Aww, no problem (12:44pm)
malderor: the front desk should have 'internet tokens.' (12:50pm)
DJ MEOW: shit. jeff just left. should of had him grab me one (12:51pm)
415-962-7979: CALL US! (1:13pm)
DJ MEOW: good luck with that (1:14pm)
Radio Valencia : ha, almost had you there! No, we don't know who owns it either. (1:16pm)
file under Atom: If I could enter a heart emoji in this chatterbox, I would. :) (1:33pm)
DJ MEOW: xoxoox (1:37pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow Out! xo (1:54pm)