Chatroom History
February 8, 2018 8:00pm - 8:31pm

manowoof: superb (8:02pm)
!LAM!: test test (8:02pm)
!LAM!: where else do you get RV updates? (8:03pm)
manowoof: cant get rv on conventional radio (8:06pm)
manowoof: cant get pop up player to work just listen to podcasts (8:07pm)
manowoof: used to listen at 90,3 fm (8:07pm)
manowoof: those were the days (8:08pm)
manowoof: before shaxul had his record store on haight (8:08pm)
!LAM!: can click on the homepage player bypass the popup player (8:11pm)
!LAM!: ...if you can access TuneIn, RV is on there too ..all the best to ya (8:12pm)
manowoof: will do.but get somebody on those podcasts,k boss? (8:16pm)