Chatroom History
February 9, 2018 10:00pm - 1:29am

rugbyrne: I'm hiding behind my clone machine which, strangely enough, looks exactly like me (10:29pm)
Me: chicken (10:30pm)
rugbyrne: ain't nobody here but us chickens... (10:31pm)
Me: checkin' (10:32pm)
rugbyrne: (10:33pm)
Me: chuckin' (10:34pm)
rugbyrne: workin' with Ralph Carney on a swing version of Berlioz Witches Sabbath was one of my last conversations with him...sad a bit now (10:37pm)
vj pussycat: hi (10:42pm)
Dr. Hal: Hi, Pussycat! (10:46pm)
Dr. Penny: Hi all (10:54pm)
Me: Them (10:55pm)
Me: should talk more... (10:55pm)
Sho: better now (10:57pm)
Info Desk: says Bernarrd was acrazy caller of I. Stang. (10:59pm)
kittyboffer: This Show is making my invisible alien friend eur47r become opaque! WTF! (11:07pm)
OpiodMan: So, be high, wide and tight about airtight and opick! (11:08pm)
kittyboffer: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... hunhh ??? uhhhhhh.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... (11:12pm)
Troll 3464z: I love Pinks ! (11:13pm)
rugbyrne: c'est si bon (11:16pm)
rugbyrne: c'est si bon bon (11:16pm)
Troll 3464z: Les bonbons de mon amour sont dans le boudoir de votre poodle francaise (11:19pm)
rugbyrne: gotta have that shrubbery (11:19pm)
rugbyrne: Radar O'Reilly: he's down with Bach (11:21pm)
rugbyrne: better French poodle than stench poodle (11:24pm)
rugbyrne: ...or dead than red (11:24pm)
rugbyrne: shut them down. they are as radioactive as an old joke... (11:26pm)
rugbyrne: Off to the Catskills. Just watch out for that Amish Union (11:28pm)
rugbyrne: Mr. Green Jeans pulling In bank in our new Weed Economy (11:31pm)
Opeenoid: I Luv T-roll 347839xhB3liXX2! (12:00am)
The Thing: ...can u take it...? (12:01am)
The Thing: Moonstrer? them, u're the munster. (12:02am)
The Thing: Project Overlord....another Crusade. (12:05am)
Big City Will Power: What's your favorite Godzilla movie, Dr Hal? (12:05am)
Me: Dr Hal? (12:08am)
The Thing: That's me! (12:12am)
Dr. Penny: Is there a maiden which the alien space monster JHVH-1 carries in his arms? Is it Connie Dobbs? (12:12am)
Dr. Penny: Ahhh, yes. Mary in JHVH-1s arms makes sense. (12:20am)
Malchik: It feels rude because I figure you don't want to be alone in the studio, but I prefer when you have the show to yourself. More space for poetry 'n shit (12:54am)
vj pussycat: goodnight and good morning (1:00am)
Dr. Hal: Come visit us... (1:00am)
vj pussycat: i will, i promise (1:02am)