Chatroom History
February 13, 2018 6:00pm - 8:16pm

ed: 6:18... all is well. (6:18pm)
timmmii: hey ed (6:25pm)
ed: hey timmmii... wassup brother? (6:26pm)
timmmii: feeling pretty bummed. my favorite cat ever died suddenly on saturday (6:26pm)
ed: i'm sorry to hear about 'ever'... kitties are dear creatures... (6:28pm)
timmmii: we just worked really well together (6:32pm)
turd ferguson: sorry to hear about your cat. my cats are bastards but i don't know what i'd do withouth them (6:32pm)
timmmii: this guy was unlike any cat i've ever met (6:33pm)
timmmii: if you look up the hashtag #gloopo on instagram, there are many photos i've posted (6:33pm)
timmmii: it's still very hard for me to look at photos of him (6:33pm)
timmmii: it's why i havent posted about it yet (6:33pm)
timmmii: anyway, thanks (6:34pm)
turd ferguson: beautiful cat!! really sorry (6:40pm)
ed: with you in spirit... timmmii! (6:45pm)
timmmii: thanks :) (6:47pm)
Michele K-tel: Viva Gloopo! xo (7:06pm)
Michele K-tel: lucky well-loved kitty <3 (7:06pm)
timmmii: he's named after the willy wonka character, Augustus Gloop (7:08pm)
timmmii: big and orange (7:08pm)
Michele K-tel: perfecto (7:09pm)
timmmii: the new tosca remix album is nice (7:22pm)
TinkerTheHog: Oink Oink (7:31pm)
timmmii: eekie eekie (7:34pm)
Michele K-tel: woof woof (8:14pm)