Chatroom History
February 18, 2018 6:00pm - 8:25pm

Saved by the Taco Bell: Did IllCon change nights? (6:03pm)
Saved by the Taco Bell: Dracula chat 2 the rescue (6:06pm)
AVC_415: WE ARE HERE (6:08pm)
AVC_415: Some technical difficulties and a horrible cocaine/whiskey infused shit whaffed the studio for a few minutes so it was completely unbearable (6:08pm)
gooniestorm: mr t. experience bruh (6:54pm)
AVC_415: ^^^^^ (6:55pm)
gooniestorm: did you guys know there was a pop punk band called SOUP? (6:59pm)
Cory: WHOA (7:25pm)