Chatroom History
February 25, 2018 6:00pm - 8:28pm

floss: they changed the recipe for chicken and stars. it isn't as good as when i was a kid. (6:18pm)
Kevin: Oyster crackers (6:21pm)
MURPHAY!: RIP Chicken and Stars (6:24pm)
MURPHAY!: Oyster crackers %u2014 good call Kevin! (6:25pm)
Kevin: That%u2019d be an original Bay Area podcast (6:45pm)
Craven: Texas Chainsaw Maasacre 2 (7:35pm)
Kevin: Beetleguese , Beetlequese, Beetleguese (7:38pm)
Craven: That weird cave place (7:39pm)
Craven: Yr thinking of the fog? (7:39pm)
Kevin: Warlock 3 Innocence Lost (7:39pm)
Kevin: Evil Dead (7:47pm)
Craven: Hospital scene in Threads (7:47pm)
Craven: Funhouse (7:47pm)