Chatroom History
March 2, 2018 10:00pm - 4:29am

Malchik: We choose to go to the moon! (10:04pm)
Mr. Beau Dayshus: Dr. H. Owll in da House; e.g. here. (10:14pm)
Dr. Howland Owll: Me be here. (10:21pm)
Malchik: As Michael Parenti said, "inside every President is an Emperor trying to get out. And it's your job to stuff that Emperor right back down his colon." (10:40pm)
Sesame Street alien: Love to see the fuckers try, though. (10:41pm)
Sesame Street alien: As in: popcorn. (10:42pm)
Malchik: Cease all motor functions. (11:04pm)
Malchik: Cease all motor functions! (11:04pm)
See Through tube: an an an oof (11:21pm)
See Through tube: we chose to go to the moon .... (11:22pm)
See Through tube: and do the other thing (11:22pm)
Mikee poopee: And the Iother Thngee (11:23pm)
Micael Peppe: Hoew gauchee (11:23pm)
poopeee: doodoodooyouloveme? (11:33pm)
dick see land?: see dickland (11:33pm)
eatmyfecesbook: press my like button (11:34pm)
michaeljackpee: thrillerpilldropper (11:34pm)
toomuchtoomanytoooftentoomuch: ajdljlllaaaahaHGGGHTTgoo (11:35pm)
fuckthehomeless: please use condoms (11:35pm)
the grid: (11:36pm)
postcards: not letters (11:36pm)
postcards: a b c (11:37pm)
postcards: easy as do re me mememememme (11:37pm)
meme: dropper (11:37pm)
drop: memer (11:37pm)
Mr. Clean: mount baldie (11:38pm)
Car: toon (11:38pm)
Truck : porn (11:38pm)
Porn: cakes (11:38pm)
corn: toes (11:38pm)
toes: aw, fuck it (11:39pm)
Micael Peppe: Feel da YRNE! (11:39pm)
climb: max (11:39pm)
climb: yet to come? (11:39pm)
climb: hhhmmmm? (11:39pm)
climb: I"m coming.... (11:39pm)
Micael Peppe: Off the Peens!!! (11:39pm)
climb: and coming.... (11:39pm)
climb: and comingg...... (11:39pm)
climb: ggg,.... (11:39pm)
Micael Peppe: Over The Mikal PooPiss. (11:39pm)
POOpiss: eee or (11:40pm)
Jerry: Cologne (11:40pm)
Jerry: Rigg (11:40pm)
KiSi: Love ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (11:40pm)
Jerry: Shari (11:40pm)
Jerry: Lewis (11:40pm)
Jerry: Jerry (11:40pm)
Jerry: Tom (11:40pm)
Jerry: Uncle (11:40pm)
Plmont: Bill (11:40pm)
Jerry: Pill (11:40pm)
Plmont: Doofus (11:40pm)
Jerry: Pooofus (11:41pm)
Plmont: Broth...never mind (11:41pm)
Jerry: Pooop us (11:41pm)
Jerry: Bullioniare (11:41pm)
Michal Gay Pisspot: Ah, sure (11:41pm)
Aleck: i am so, so, smart (11:41pm)
Sesame Street alien: Clampett Daffy forever. (11:41pm)
NO: YES (11:42pm)
AND: IF (11:42pm)
jock: sturgis (11:42pm)
The Vegitawean: Differnt entirely (11:42pm)
jock: harley (11:42pm)
jock: davidsun (11:42pm)
1960: leave us be!! (11:42pm)
Beetle: Hell (11:42pm)
John: Paul (11:43pm)
Ringo: George (11:43pm)
four: asssholes (11:43pm)
a shard: of JFK's skull.... (11:44pm)
a shard: fell in her lap (11:44pm)
History: dooms us (11:44pm)
History Channel : offgends us (11:44pm)
ddseee: lllwwoo (11:44pm)
87wpm: can't keep up with me!!!!!mmemememe!!! (11:45pm)
weeeeee!: all the way home (11:45pm)
lug: hed (11:46pm)
lug: kandi (11:46pm)
lug: gard (11:46pm)
Two door Turdle: Thimk! (11:46pm)
lug: nutz (11:46pm)
Tortoise: tour toys (11:47pm)
Two door Turdle: drives faster and faster until it crashes (11:47pm)
FAO Swartzenegger: merry xmas! (11:47pm)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: nerp! (11:47pm)
Two door Turdle: No Feet Belts! (11:47pm)
oracle: of ac delco (11:47pm)
Tab: of acid? (11:48pm)
Tab: Hunter? (11:48pm)
The Men of Battry X: Me.....therere he said it. (11:48pm)
Hunter: S. Asshole (11:48pm)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: just dropped in (11:48pm)
The Men of Battry X: and so, then dropped out.... (11:49pm)
Cartooots: are not carroooots (11:49pm)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: I attempted to watch a terrible cartoon this evening. (11:49pm)
Charoots: are moot. (11:49pm)
Carotid: glad (11:49pm)
Carotid: Paratid (11:50pm)
Charoots: What, praytell cartoon? (11:50pm)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: ghostbusters (11:50pm)
Parotid: gland (11:50pm)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: it hurt so bad (11:50pm)
Parotoid: glad bag (11:51pm)
bag: worm (11:51pm)
worm: hole (11:51pm)
ass: worm (11:51pm)
i m a pocket calculator: trans europe expresso (11:52pm)
Most: Toinme for coffeeeee! (11:52pm)
ymo: we are not the robots (11:52pm)
ymo: kwerk are (11:52pm)
Die Rebooter: and so, not? (11:53pm)
beat dis!: (11:53pm)
the beatles suck: there (11:53pm)
the beatles suck: i said it (11:54pm)
yellow subsandwich: uh huh (11:54pm)
Die Rebooter: Die Idea. (11:54pm)
yellow subsandwich: eat me (11:55pm)
Glass Water: drink me (11:55pm)
Glass Water: Tom E. (11:55pm)
Glass Water: Seee MEE!! (11:55pm)
Tom E.: SEE ME!!!! (11:55pm)
Chat?: Helms (11:55pm)
Chet?: huntley brinkely? (11:56pm)
Feel me near you?: see thru my tube!!! (11:56pm)
see thru suit: x-ray glasses (11:56pm)
Tom E.: Beatles sack Show (11:57pm)
Capt. Kirk?: (11:57pm)
suck: beetle butt juice (11:57pm)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: (for increased longevity) (11:58pm)
Tom E.: Sanka (11:58pm)
bombadier: (11:58pm)
Tom E.: Keeps us sane (11:58pm)
sanka: claws (11:58pm)
sanka claws: Like MW!!! (11:58pm)
Famous Flying Fijian Footman: a shoe in (11:59pm)
frog man: hop (11:59pm)
frog man: scotch (11:59pm)
frog man: amphibianne's lace (11:59pm)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: The best cartoons have Raymond Scott music. (12:01am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: I don't understand why cartoonshaven't been projected onto the inside of urinals yet. Special looping cartoons made just for urinals. (12:03am)
You: do and you'll clean it up. (12:04am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: never again! (12:05am)
i don't understand: why cartoons haven't been projected into the anus of a hippotamus (12:06am)
i don't understand: someone ought to do it (12:06am)
i don't understand: if you don't, i will (12:06am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: A larger-than-life fiberglass hippopotamus with a slide and ladder. (12:07am)
You: can, so you will. (12:07am)
i don't understand: yeah, that's it (12:07am)
i don't understand: the slide greased with crisco (12:07am)
i don't understand: wheeeeeeeeeee! (12:07am)
i don't understand: on a hot day, ya can cook on it, too. (12:08am)
You: don't understand: wheeeeeeeeeee. (12:08am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: and they say it's all been done (12:09am)
I: don't understand. (12:09am)
i don't understand: slide it right in there (12:10am)
i don't understand: there> (12:10am)
Putin: yep, that's me^ with the hippopotamus (12:11am)
Putin: I have no shame. (12:11am)
Putin: And I have really kewl new nukes. (12:11am)
Putin: Coming to a theatre near you (12:12am)
Putin: and a shopping mall (12:12am)
Putin: a university (12:12am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: It looked like a human hunting plantation. Not that I know what those look like. (12:12am)
Putin: hell, we're gonna nuke your whole fuggin contintent (12:12am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Scary stuff. (12:12am)
Putin: and Hawaii too (12:12am)
Putin: so there (12:12am)
Putin: fuckers (12:12am)
I: 's of Puttin (12:12am)
Putin: on the ritz (12:13am)
Putin: ya fuggin crackers (12:13am)
Putin: nuke ya, ya fuggin crackers (12:13am)
Putin: and yer fuggin crackers (12:13am)
Putin: and your saltines (12:14am)
Putin: oh, wait (12:14am)
Putin: they are crackers (12:14am)
Putin: nevahmind (12:14am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Dear Prime Minister, please send cases of saltine crackers and smoked oysters. Thank you. (12:14am)
salt: should not be poured on poor slugs (12:15am)
Prime Ministrone: soup to nuts (12:15am)
Marx: bothers (12:15am)
Marx: me (12:15am)
Marx: never liked em (12:15am)
Marx: bad (12:15am)
Marx: BAD (12:15am)
Marx: bad (12:15am)
Marx: BAD (12:15am)
Marx: not good (12:15am)
Michael J. Peputin: (not again!) (12:16am)
Putin: on the papoose (12:16am)
Putin: on the baboon (12:16am)
Putin: the baboon with the papoose is on the loose on the Palouse (12:17am)
Putin: with a noose and a goose and puce oooze (12:18am)
Putin: tasty (12:18am)
Putin: puce oooze (12:18am)
Putin: mmmmm (12:18am)
Putin: good (12:18am)
Puce: Mauve (12:18am)
Maeve Binchy: bitchy bitch (12:19am)
Alice Montgomery: GOOD GRIEF! (12:19am)
Bill McAnus: BANBANBANBANBAN (12:19am)
David Dunno: uh, I dunno. (12:20am)
Clyde Gonorrhea: i'm a flightless bird (12:21am)
Super: Visor (12:22am)
Viper: Souper (12:22am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: That ambient sound reminds me of the Bladerunner soundtrack. (12:22am)
Stupor: Vixen (12:22am)
Vexing: (12:24am)
Beneath The Valley of the Ultra: Brite Toothpaste (12:24am)
Blooper: Droight de singneuer (12:25am)
Looper: Wait...theat's the old me! (12:25am)
nobodyouwantoknow: I am @ bete noir with thi radio show right now! Ooolala! (12:25am)
Welcome: Brother Bother! (12:26am)
This is Not A Radio Show: and so, is absolved... (12:26am)
Rachel: (12:26am)
This is Not A Radio Show: and so, no one more. (12:27am)
Nurse Ratshit: Do you like our ow? (12:27am)
Nurse Ratshit: Ow, that hurt! (12:27am)
Travis: you talkin to me? (12:27am)
Dr. Ow: OW! (12:28am)
Bloody Tampon: in a pea green boat (12:29am)
Putin Beetle: Is Michael Peppe going to read the chat before the show ends? (12:30am)
Putin Beetle: I'd really like that. (12:30am)
Putin Beetle: Please. (12:30am)
This is Not A Radio Show: inna dream responsible for none. (12:30am)
Satan Beetle: Me, too. (12:30am)
Satan Beetle: Peppe read chat. (12:30am)
Satan Beetle: Yum! (12:30am)
nobodyouwantoknow: We Jesuits still enjoy a good torture. We secretly produced "50 Shades of Grey" (12:30am)
Trump Stones: Away, Man Of God!!! (12:31am)
Bernie Beetle: Peppe chat read, yes@ (12:31am)
Bernie Beetle: yes!!! (12:31am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: who? (12:31am)
Yes: read the fugggin chat!@@!@!!!#@!!!! (12:31am)
Now!: must (12:32am)
Now!: read (12:32am)
Now!: chat (12:32am)
Now!: peppe (12:32am)
Now!: now (12:32am)
Now!: read (12:32am)
Now!: read (12:32am)
Now!: read (12:32am)
Now!: chat (12:32am)
Now!: now (12:32am)
Now!: then (12:32am)
Now!: now (12:32am)
Now!: then (12:32am)
Now!: now (12:32am)
Now!: now now (12:32am)
Now!: brown cao (12:32am)
Now!: cacao (12:32am)
Now!: cow (12:32am)
Now!: cowbird (12:32am)
READ: chat (12:32am)
CHAT: shat (12:33am)
CHAT: chat (12:33am)
CHAT: peppeppeee (12:33am)
nobodyouwantoknow: Now / Chat-- phuque off please (12:33am)
Putin Beetle: maybe a flail or two, too (12:33am)
Putin Beetle: please (12:33am)
Mic: drop the (12:34am)
nobodyouwantoknow: Please get your shit together 10 minutes ago (12:35am)
Mic: 657 B.C. (12:35am)
This: is trulley the best part of the SHOW (12:35am)
littlelistener: someone put ice on Hal's mic! (12:37am)
hey!: don't hurt the squirrel! (12:38am)
littlelistener: hahaha (12:38am)
nobodyouwantoknow: open the chatterbox to full screen then it won't jump (12:38am)
Rocky: Yeah. Don't hurt the squirrel. (12:38am)
Aaron Judge: batting second (12:39am)
littlelistener: sponsored by radio shack (12:39am)
Mike Stanton: Giancarlo? (12:39am)
Dumb Dug: i dunno (12:39am)
David Lee Broth: JUMP! (12:40am)
David Lee Broth: BULLION! (12:40am)
David Lee Broth: NO!!!! (12:40am)
David Lee Broth: PEPPEEEE MUSt reaD!!! (12:40am)
David Lee Broth: PEPEEPpEEpe musT be teh readEr. (12:40am)
REED: RICHARDS! (12:41am)
Gerald Fnord: Try selecting the entire pane, copying the text, then pasting it into an editing application, something like Word. (12:41am)
Cheddar Man: my kind of party (12:41am)
REED: Listen to Fnord. Wisdom. (12:41am)
READ: richers (12:42am)
READ: seeeweee es lee (12:42am)
READ: Can't tell who says what. HaL, HELP!@ (12:43am)
Sesame Street alien: The context of that was lost. It was about gunhumpers taking on the US military with their 2nd Amendment peni. (12:43am)
WEED: WITCHERS (12:43am)
This: iss ssickk (12:43am)
SEED: moneuy (12:43am)
SIC: mispeeeled (12:44am)
Gerald Fnord: As J.F.K. said to the young lady, 'We choose to go to your room, and do the other things, not because you are easy but because I am hard.'. (12:44am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: oooopppeee (12:44am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: how do spelle dik see land? huhs!?? (12:45am)
This: Me (12:45am)
This: did tooo tooo muck (12:45am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: doo what read say pronunce? (12:45am)
What: is the meaning of this? (12:45am)
This: ? (12:45am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: open sores puce oooze (12:46am)
This: use grapes fprojfgfhjl;x (12:46am)
What: why though (12:46am)
What: i thought my chats were bad (12:46am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: my kay el huh how whow how who whe whee wha? (12:47am)
Poetry: it is not. (12:47am)
Gerald Fnord: Dr Hal: statues are not just instructional, when of individuals they are usually also explicitly laudatory. (12:47am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: i thought yo shits was good odoe ppoa (12:47am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: laugh traacke t o good hahaha huh? what fos oo (12:48am)
Love: the laughs. (12:48am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: i chat poo wipe no stain yes (12:48am)
This: is a long way. (12:48am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: hahah huh who wha wha what how whye huh? (12:48am)
Gerald Fnord: If I had to pass a statue of Der Schnifter or Nathan Bedford Forrest-Gump every day I would be continually told that I lived in a society that valued them and their ideas. (12:50am)
Did: pepe loose a bet? (12:50am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: no swquirl hurt making this moovee (12:51am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: mooovee? (12:51am)
Don't: fight the show. (12:51am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: huhdocumenry (12:51am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: douchenry memmory (12:51am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: GENDusus (12:52am)
PEEEpoooEEEooo: huhshe huh? (12:52am)
This: makes know sense'.,/ (12:52am)
87WPM: back is the incredible! (12:52am)
littlelupus: what happened in that chat? (12:52am)
Satan Beetle: Putin Beetle, no relation. (12:52am)
rugbyrne: thwap! (12:53am)
Palm Beeatch: Putin threated me with a new nuke. (12:53am)
Adult Toys: mmm, funsies (12:53am)
littlelupus: but it's only one (12:54am)
Michael Peppe: I am not Michael Peppe (12:54am)
rugbyrne: the end times of the pre-show. Bring on the genesis of the after show! (12:54am)
Peee: pep (12:54am)
McPheepee: Ay and begoreyah. (12:54am)
McPheepee: Black Panter (12:55am)
Pepe: I am the pepe now. (12:55am)
Purple Peppe Eastern Establishment: end and end and end (12:55am)
Pape: aerea all the pepes now. (12:55am)
Pepe: the godamn frog! (12:55am)
on and on and on and on and on: What are you on? (12:56am)
Pepe: my arse! (12:56am)
on and on and on and on and on: uh-oh. (12:56am)
on and on and on and on and on: Peppe back sides Hell. (12:56am)
on and on and on and on and on: in the back door. (12:56am)
Pepe: freelech zones (12:56am)
on and on and on and on and on: with Crisco on a fibreglass hippopotamus. (12:56am)
nobodyouwantoknow: This James-Joycian-wannabe textfest-cum-yack-off is... (12:57am)
rugbyrne: s'alright (12:57am)
Pepe: < pleased (12:57am)
Moral: over (12:57am)
Moral: eel (12:57am)
Moral: Hell. (12:57am)
Show: nuff bumpin. (12:57am)
I hate: this song. (12:57am)
Gerald Fnord: Commenters will now be subject to Voight-Kampff testing. (12:57am)
I hate: The end. (12:57am)
Pepe: from bend of butt to bounds of bollocks (12:57am)
the professor and mary ann: "the rest" (12:58am)
rugbyrne: I think 'ees nice (12:58am)
Pepe: bring back the birds! (12:58am)
Stan Freiberg: Hey, I just happened to find this crazy show on the internet and I gotta tell ya.... (12:58am)
rugbyrne: now that's a fnord of a different color (12:58am)
dont mess with: god's america (12:58am)
Sunny Jim: just in time for show : ] (12:59am)
dont mess with: the internets (12:59am)
Jos Jimnez: To the moon, Alice. (12:59am)
Sunny Jim: magical as ever (12:59am)
Wally Brando: Best part of the show. (12:59am)
the internets: its the cuuuuurrrrraaaaaaziest peoples (1:00am)
Old McDonalds: taste better than new McDonalds. (1:00am)
Sunny Jim: I know nothing about it. (1:00am)
Frank Chu's sign: (this space for rent) (1:00am)
Galaxia: What your sign? (1:01am)
Pape: 12 Galaxinas (1:01am)
Sunny Jim: neon (1:01am)
Putin: Comrades, did you see the wonderful shootout your lovely police perpetrated last week? (1:02am)
Putin: 65 shots in 45 seconds and no one was hit. (1:02am)
Putin: Good shot. (1:02am)
Putin: Americans. (1:02am)
Putin: Hahah!@ (1:02am)
Serious: Please read medicine bottle labels. (1:03am)
Serious: That would be good. (1:03am)
the new nascar is the old paranoia : ... (1:03am)
Sunny Jim: I have prepared your pudding my lord. (1:03am)
rugbyrne: may I have more, please? (1:04am)
no: yeah (1:04am)
Logan Lucky: Take me home, country roads. (1:04am)
Gerald Fnord: If you want to know what the Future looks like, imagine a Michael Peppe reading the sole of a boot, forever. (1:05am)
rugbyrne: you blessed contrarian bastard! (1:05am)
Delphius: is a woman. (1:05am)
Delphius: Not a he. (1:05am)
Delphius: Hehehe. (1:05am)
eyes-a-putin: the wind cries "OOOOOOHHHHH YYYEEEEEAAHHHHHHHHH!" (1:05am)
Gerald Fnord: What, not a woman who uses the pronoun 'he'? (1:07am)
Delphius_returns: bitch, please (1:07am)
rugbyrne: bastard dame, got me in a twist (1:07am)
Cherish Cheroot: That's a live link, I think. (1:07am)
Convincing Precidence: are we summoning something? (1:07am)
Folks: we're with you. (1:08am)
Delphius_returns: corn custart (1:08am)
rugbyrne: hey hey, Ralphie girl! (1:08am)
Folks: We can feel you. (1:08am)
Gerald Fnord: Do not call up what you cannot put down. (1:08am)
Folks: We can hear you. (1:08am)
oh my aching hashtags: et tu chat box (1:08am)
Folks: Sure play a mean ballpeen hammer. (1:08am)
Delphius_returns: football field sized cheese graters shredding gargantuan mutant corn into the plasma field of your doom (1:08am)
Live Link: Is anyone even listening to this? (1:09am)
Live Link: I know I'm knot. (1:09am)
polyphrase: what's the matter with these chatters? (1:09am)
the new chu: charlatan lines (1:09am)
Gerald Fnord: Fight the rear e-money! (1:09am)
polyphrase: why are they saying? (1:09am)
rugbyrne: as long as we're not subject to mandatory Kreutzfel Jakob injections (1:10am)
Cat on hot tin: slide greased with crisco. (1:11am)
polyphrase: yum (1:11am)
Gerald Fnord: Nah, the vegetarians objected to those. No problem with Mandatory Senility, but no way they'd accept a sullying of their Purity. (1:11am)
polyphrase: OH OK YA (1:12am)
pete goldie: is victorious (1:12am)
rugbyrne: s'alright? s'alright. 'ees nice? yes, ees nice. (1:13am)
Gerald Fnord: (If I didn't eat meat, I might mistake myself for a good person, and that would be a _mistake_.) (1:13am)
Now: culture-free (1:14am)
Leonid Kasparov Destroyovich: NO!!!!!!!!!!! (1:14am)
Culture: now, free. (1:14am)
Delphius_returns: The CJD injections are free, and they provide an edge over trending mutations. The algorhythms are always a work in progress. More saltines, please. (1:14am)
Cat on hot tin: Never ketsup. (1:15am)
Cat on hot tin: Musturd. (1:15am)
mandatory chatter : i didn't just write that. (1:16am)
polyphrase: my presuppositions are eradicated (1:16am)
polyphrase: DISLIKE (1:16am)
polyphrase: DISLIKE (1:16am)
polyphor: much room (1:17am)
hal doesn't like: me (1:17am)
Anonymous Earl: Windom Earl (1:17am)
Humble Jim: thank you (1:18am)
rugbyrne: interrupting cow says, "Moo!" (1:18am)
winamp earl: tune into my phone (1:18am)
rugbyrne: wisdom unfurled (1:19am)
Gerald Fnord: 'Every joke is funnier when you explain it.'---Andy Breckman. (1:19am)
Humble Jim: is higher than witch tits rn (1:19am)
Giant Green Chimichanga: I look like Michael Peppe. (1:19am)
Humble Jim: lets make love (1:20am)
rugbyrne: Mean Joe Mima cookin' with pancakes that slap you back (1:20am)
White Man: It's a man's, man's man's white world. (1:21am)
polyphrase: cut to Hal reading Whitman. (1:21am)
Whit Man: To whit, I'm white. (1:21am)
polyphrase: uh oh (1:21am)
White Man: To Whit, I'm White. (1:21am)
polyphrase: he's going all the way (1:21am)
poly phor: And DJ Pussychat? (1:22am)
poly phor: Where, oh, where, are the pussycat/chat cats? (1:22am)
rugbyrne: to Slim Whitman, you're yodeling (1:22am)
oy vey: oy vey (1:22am)
poly phor: Skip to the loo and shit, my darling. (1:23am)
poly phor: Pieces of corn, in pieces of feces. (1:23am)
poly phor: comma COMA (1:23am)
Delphius_returns: oh, man. i missed his reading of my gargantuan corn line. :-( (1:24am)
poly phor: Corn pone pron. (1:24am)
poly phor: Try it. All the cool kids do it. (1:25am)
polyphrase: if I thought he was gonna read that I would have typed more interesting things. (1:25am)
Malchik: Bring yourself back online, Harry. (1:25am)
Delphius_returns: shopping mall sized confection shredders extrapolating gargantuan mutant corn into the plasma field of your headroom (1:25am)
Culture: is ded. (1:26am)
Gerald Fnord: Dilute, dilute, O.K.! (1:26am)
David Rug Burn: my knees. (1:26am)
David Rug Burn: yeah, you know. (1:27am)
Giant Green Chimichanga: I am Michael Peppe. (1:27am)
Malchik: Analysis. Why do I do this to myself? (1:27am)
Giant Green Chimichanga: Don't tell him, though. (1:27am)
this is some next level shit: lets go to the lactation room (1:27am)
Delphius_returns: Dear Mr. Captain of Industry, please send crates of canned tentacles and Armenian crackers. Thank you! (1:27am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: the wick is burning (1:29am)
Giant Green Chimichanga: Eat me. (1:29am)
polyphrase: HAHAHA CRAZED APPLAUSE (1:29am)
Hal: or not. (1:29am)
Michael Peppe: They always cut me off. (1:30am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Thank you, Mr. Peppers. (1:30am)
Michael Peppe: hmmphm (1:30am)
Or Hal: Not. (1:30am)
Michael Peppe: Masher@ (1:30am)
Michael Peppe: Mosher (1:30am)
lets have a ccmplicit show: NOWWWWW (1:30am)
Michael Peppe: Masher pit. (1:30am)
Michael Peppe: Mosher pit. (1:30am)
Michael Peppe: Arm mosh pit (1:30am)
Mike Peepoo: or me... (1:30am)
Michael Peppe: Our mosh pit. (1:30am)
Timmy: Mommy they're reading what I typed! (1:30am)
Timmy: Mommies a zombie. (1:31am)
Timmy: But she loves me. (1:31am)
Beetle: I destroyed London in 1948. (1:31am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: She loves your brains, Timmy. (1:31am)
lets have a ccmplicit show: NOWWWWW (1:31am)
Timmy: no HIGH (1:32am)
Timmy: witches tits are high! (1:32am)
Putin Beetle: Please have Michael Peppe flail. (1:32am)
Putin Beetle: Pwetty pweeze. (1:32am)
Fun: Show. (1:32am)
Putin Beetle: Burn it to the ground. (1:32am)
Putin Beetle: Yay! Flailing! Woohooo! (1:33am)
Putin Beetle: Made my daze. (1:33am)
Fun: Fun Fun (1:33am)
Putin Beetle: Now I nuke you. (1:33am)
Phun Phactory: Radio Valencia (1:33am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Michael performed beautifully, in my opinion. (1:33am)
Radio Valencia: Bad odors. (1:33am)
great: score mister evidence (1:34am)
Radio Valencia: Bad, bad, bad odeurs. (1:34am)
Radio Valencia: Odious odors. (1:34am)
Radio Valencia: Ominous, odious odors. (1:34am)
So: soothing. (1:34am)
Radio Valencia: Odor. (1:34am)
Soothing: odors (1:34am)
Mal: adroit (1:34am)
Soothing: lavender, brandy, and birch. (1:35am)
Rougned Odor: Can I read the chatroom? (1:35am)
Rougned Odor: I mean, can I read it on the air, for the listeners? (1:36am)
Hint: hint (1:36am)
Rougned Odor: Huh? (1:36am)
Rougned Odor: Please. (1:36am)
sunny jim: ir-referential (1:37am)
sunny jim: the show is so shy (1:38am)
sunny jim: hey where'd everyone go? (1:40am)
sunny jim: aw, it was just me all along. (1:40am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: I tend to go quiet when Hal is reading. I minimize the chat box and listen. (1:40am)
good : plan and well executed (1:41am)
sunny jim: shhh (1:41am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: teeeewbs (1:42am)
sunny jim: i'm squishy and filled with tubes! (1:42am)
sunny jim: if you spin and M around it becomes a circle (1:43am)
sunny jim: there is no god and "bob" is his prophet. (1:44am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: profitable for some (1:47am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: A nice lady is going to read me some H.P. Lovecraft soonish. I hope to record her. (1:47am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: I mean a lovely witch. (1:48am)
I think: I have showfright. (1:49am)
Have I: not trained enough? (1:50am)
Mike Peepoo: never enough (1:50am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: my tubes are sludgy and slow (1:52am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Congrats to you all. You are here. The nexus resonates. (1:54am)
I am: playing with big boobs right now! (1:55am)
Mike Peepoo: Pee Poo Popo to you!!!! (1:55am)
Malchik: I tuned in for Hal and Peppe (1:56am)
Malchik: You guys are like Lonesome and Stang! (1:56am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: That's why Dolores is crying. It's always something. (1:57am)
came for the FX stayed for the PP.: < (1:57am)
stayed for the PP: > (1:57am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Entropy. When growth is not present, a cross section of some selected bulk may catalyze further potential. Ride the entropy. Transitional minerals. (2:03am)
littlelistener: cross section you say (2:04am)
littlelistener: sounds messy (2:04am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: yes. cut the rock right down the middle. you can see layers. (2:04am)
Mikeal PopcornpornPe: snuffin Show nuff (2:07am)
littlelistener: i was just listening to native bird chants (2:07am)
littlelistener: widespread dude (2:08am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: dude (2:08am)
Jumpsuit Jim: just don't look the show in the eye (2:09am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: too late (2:10am)
Mikeal PopcornpornPe: You've been Show'izzed!!! (2:10am)
Jumpsuit Jim: too late for love? (2:10am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: In the context of civilizatin, perhaps not. (2:11am)
littlelistener: Aquarius didn't start till 2300 anyway. (2:12am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Civilatin, the topical behavioral ointment. Ask your psychiatric technician today! (2:12am)
Malchik: I'm a Norman (2:13am)
Malchik: William the Conqueror gave us a castle (2:13am)
littlelistener: WOTAN has a plan AND ITS FUCKED. (2:13am)
Malchik: It's falling apart but it's still there (2:13am)
Malchik: Peverel Keep (2:14am)
littlelistener: great FX (2:14am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: I recently heard a very fantastic concept of boneless creatures using knights' armor as exoskeletons. (2:15am)
Malchik: Vikings wore makeup (2:15am)
littlelistener: can i get a light? (2:17am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: We're working on it. (2:18am)
littlelistener: standing by. (2:18am)
Such as is: Light Comedie (2:18am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: here... (2:19am)
littlelistener: thnks (2:20am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: de nada (2:20am)
Malchik: It's the warping in space time caused by mass (2:20am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: How is your energy field today? Do you need auxiliary support in the compression or dilation of relative time? Call us today! (2:22am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: oui (2:22am)
Malchik: If something that had mass goes as fast as light, it would have infinite mass (2:23am)
Malchik: And no force can push it (2:23am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: nothing is real except for your fear of the consequences of strangers realizing that nothing is real (2:23am)
Bad Company: are stucks in the musicholw worm (2:24am)
Sesame Street alien: light slows down when traveling through a medium; that's why radioactive shit glows. (2:24am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Touch a nine volt battery's leads to your tongue and dial zero on your personal cortical transponder. (2:24am)
Bad Company: saw radio active monsters (2:25am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Excellent work. Can you describe them in any detail or form? (2:26am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Some of my messages seem to fall through the cracks. (2:31am)
Malchik: Build statues of John Brown! (2:31am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: The image of simulated gamma radiation invoked a tactile hallucination... (2:32am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: I felt tingling in my flesh, as if it were perforated by billions of particles. (2:33am)
Bad Company: likes to do this. (2:35am)
My Cat: is enjoying this conversation. (2:36am)
Malchik: Bombarded by bosons (2:41am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: There is a "pro nuke" profile picture frame on the faceforks. (2:43am)
Bad Company: and so it is, as it ever was... (2:43am)
Supple Jim: Frogmagic wants big boom. (2:43am)
Supple Jim: shutup frogs! (2:44am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: We are all augmented, post-human constructs now. GAME OVER (2:45am)
Supple Jim: NOT YET (2:45am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: No matter how bad it looks, love grows like weeds. (2:46am)
Malchik: Transhuman transistors traipsing through the toxic trance (2:46am)
Supple Jim: more than just a chat (2:46am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Damn, Malchik. Nice ribbon. (2:47am)
Supple Jim: reminds me of deoxy (2:47am)
Malchik: Thanks man (2:48am)
ThanksMan: You are Very WeLcOmE. (2:49am)
Supple Jim: we will have gene therapy in subterranean cities! (2:50am)
Malchik: An amorous audience aloof among amazing audio (2:51am)
ThanksMan: A Boy And Dog (2:51am)
ThanksMan: His (2:51am)
Supple Jim: this is the PATH AND THE WAY? (2:52am)
Supple Jim: outstanding show misters (2:53am)
Malchik: Didn't you write a J part? (2:54am)
littlelistener: i need an umbrella (2:55am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: let us suppose that an umbrella is just over your shoulder (2:55am)
littlelistener: im all wet (2:55am)
littlelistener: soppose it was? (2:56am)
ThanksMan: The Show (2:56am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: The Show is your umbrella. I know nothing. (2:57am)
littlelistener: The Show will always love me. (2:57am)
The Show: loves alll (2:57am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: always (2:57am)
Malchik: And we love the show (2:57am)
littlelistener: whatever I is, is glad for the Show. (2:59am)
let's: go eat (2:59am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: the monochromatic sheen of this rainy scene is suddenly torn by an emanation of color (3:00am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: a section of the street has fallen in, revealing this other street below (3:00am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: you can smell the spices, fruits, and nuts sending vapors and subtle suggestions (3:03am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: warm light (3:04am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: living sound (3:05am)
littlelistener: feelin it (3:05am)
vj pussycat: hi. i'm late (3:05am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: curling up against the placid raid in a living smoke (3:05am)
better go : to 4am now (3:06am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: 6:06 here (3:06am)
littlelistener: isn't it legal in CA now? (3:07am)
littlelistener: hahaha (3:07am)
littlelistener: game rained out (3:08am)
littlelistener: haha everyone just walks away (3:08am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: [[[TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES]]] (3:08am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: Oh. They actually got sprayed by fire sprinklers? (3:09am)
littlelistener: I think I astrally projected into the studio. (3:09am)
vj pussycat: you're back peppe (3:10am)
Malchik: "Gray and black" morality (3:12am)
littlelistener: can't believe I'm still listening (3:12am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: curling up against the placid cascade in a living smoke (3:12am)
Malchik: I'm down for a Peppe show (3:12am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: You do you, mang. We're here. We're liking it. (3:13am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: they're swimming in corn custard (3:13am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: ALL HAIL HAL CON PEPPE (3:14am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: With a side of guns and corn. (3:14am)
Malchik: Bring yourself back online, Doctor. (3:15am)
movies : are so beneath show (3:15am)
Malchik: Analysis. Why is a show this good even allowed to exist? (3:16am)
Delphius_ex_Tempor: The Cat has come to life. Toys are his pornography because there's nothing to kill in my house. (3:18am)
humans: are scary (3:20am)
littlelistener: what is happening? where's the music? I'm stuck at a bus stop with Hal and Pepe which is a DREAM COME TRUE. (3:21am)
Delphius_lives: where are we? (3:22am)
Malchik: ,,pop,, (3:23am)
Delphius_lives: -crunch- (3:23am)
better go: to 8am (3:24am)
The Show: Ha Pah and Hum Bugs (3:24am)
Delphius_lives: surface for air (3:24am)
Delphius_lives: blub (3:25am)
Malchik: I have a confession for St. Peppe that I've been trying to post but I don't think it posted (3:25am)
Malchik: I'm a guy (3:25am)
Sesame Street alien: it's Russian (3:26am)
Sesame Street alien: for "boy". (3:26am)
Sesame Street alien: muy malyenki mall chick (3:26am)
Malchik: One of my first times at open mic night I performed a few paragraphs of your rant "AD" and I made sure to give you credit for it but it didn't help that we have such similar names (3:27am)
Malchik: Nono (3:28am)
Malchik: Michael Pevey (3:28am)
Malchik: PV (3:29am)
Michael : is a clockwork orange reference (3:29am)
Malchik: Steel Penny Pub (3:29am)
Malchik: Here in San Angelo (3:29am)
Malchik: Yeah it's a clockwork orange (3:30am)
The Show: See You Next Weak!!! (3:31am)
vj pussycat: aw but i just got here (3:31am)
well: shit (3:32am)
vj pussycat: guess i'll have to reloadio (3:33am)
Jesus Christ: I killed the show (3:34am)
vj pussycat: thank you jesus (3:41am)