Chatroom History
March 17, 2018 12:00pm - 2:30pm

!LAM!: who's gonna win them UDO Tickets!!?? (12:12pm)
!LAM!: Name the 2nd Song you Hear with UDO singing!! (12:12pm)
!LAM!: to be given away at the top of the 1:00 hour!! (12:12pm)
I want tickets!: \m/ (12:42pm)
!LAM!: Awesome! just listen for the 2nd Song sang by UDO, name that song and you Win!! ..I'll give a hint again on the name of the song at the top of the 1pm hour!! (12:43pm)
!LAM!: \m/\m/ (12:43pm)
Brynn Soderlund: Gettin%u2019 ready! (1:01pm)
!LAM!: Close but not quite!! (1:01pm)
!LAM!: Get Ready was bumper music...UDO did Yeah! (1:02pm)
!LAM!: you're on the right album though!! (1:02pm)
I want tickets!: Is it gonna be Neon Nights? (1:02pm)
Brynn Soderlund: That was a misspell! %uD83D%uDE06 (1:02pm)
!LAM!: Close right album, wrong song! ugh! (1:03pm)
Brynn Soderlund: Flash rocking man (1:03pm)
!LAM!: Brynn!! YOU WIN!!! (1:04pm)
Todd: Brynn! (1:07pm)
!LAM!: Toddster!!! (1:11pm)
Todd: LAM! (1:21pm)
!LAM!: Thanks for Listening!! (1:31pm)
Todd: Yea! (1:54pm)