Chatroom History
March 18, 2018 2:00pm - 2:32pm

DJ Rocky: missed it love the kinks tho!! (2:00pm)
Dial: Time to throw tracks down until Malderor gets to work! (2:03pm)
DJ Rocky: did u hear me giving u a shout out? (2:04pm)
Dial: Damn. Ran to take a piss. Did I miss something? (2:07pm)
DJ Rocky: it was earlier when i was dropping off the mixer i went on mic (2:07pm)
Dial: Right on. Now I'm dipping into stuff I planned on playing tomorrow. Cmon Malderor. (2:10pm)
Dial: Let's play some King Gizzard again for Rocky! (2:11pm)
malderor: i'm here (2:11pm)
Dial: xoxo!!! (2:13pm)
DJ Rocky: get a room!!! ;) (2:13pm)
Dial: HA! (2:15pm)
malderor: gonna jump on (2:16pm)
Dial: I dos love the boy. But mostly in a brotherly way. Guessing he may see it differently. (2:17pm)
Dial: Perfect. Thought that track might work out nicely. (2:18pm)
Dial: Still love our intro. (2:18pm)