Chatroom History
March 18, 2018 6:00pm - 8:22pm

Cory: hihi (6:00pm)
Eamon: Hi pals (6:02pm)
Cory: doood (6:03pm)
Dial: Guest mics that always stay live sound awesome. (6:06pm)
scot: music news: tiny death metal yard gnome killjoy RIP (6:28pm)
scot: H.A.C. CHAT (6:29pm)
Saved by the Taco Bell: Captain and Tennille? (6:45pm)
scot: RIP (7:12pm)
scot: Eating a salad at your desk is like auditing your grave (7:17pm)
Cory: lol (7:17pm)
scot: Caesar salad is stupid (7:23pm)
Cory: fuk u (7:25pm)
MURPHAY!: Scot wtf (7:26pm)
scot: Doesn't even have dried cranberries or anything (7:26pm)
MURPHAY!: Wow. Too soon (7:28pm)
MURPHAY!: Also why would I mix dessert into my salad (7:28pm)
Saved by the Taco Bell: but fruit salad (7:29pm)
scot: Might as well eat one of those trucker weekend lettuce wedges (7:29pm)
MURPHAY!: Would prefer to (7:31pm)
scot: Richard stinklater (7:39pm)
scot: Radar diagram (7:44pm)
Why is everyone in Waterworld dirty, but everyone is dirty?: Why is everyone in Waterworld dirty, when everything's water? (7:56pm)
Cory: hmmm (7:56pm)
Cory: thinking emoji (7:56pm)
scot: Answered in the sequel Soapworld (8:00pm)