Chatroom History
March 18, 2018 10:00am - 12:29pm

Dial: Covering Marco 12-2. Cheers! (10:14am)
Dial: Dig the theme, Boy Orbison. Good call! (10:15am)
Boy Orbison: Thanks Dial! I felt it was my Irish American duty to represent ;) (10:17am)
Dial: Rock it brother! (10:31am)
Dial: Another hour and the corned beef sweats will pass! (11:01am)
Boy Orbison: Just gotta keep chugging water! (11:01am)
Dial: Or Jameson... (11:02am)
Boy Orbison: ....which my younger self once considered to be water. (11:04am)
Boy Orbison: #TooOldForCarBombs (11:05am)
Dial: Wish the Irish could make tequila. Treats me much better! (11:08am)
Boy Orbison: Just add green food coloring and you're good to go! (11:09am)
Dial: Makes everything Irish! (11:09am)
Boy Orbison: Everything! Garnish with a Shamrock if you really wanna be legit! (11:10am)
Dial: Car bombs. Wow, that is a flashback. Been a long time. (11:10am)
Boy Orbison: Same. I can't even fathom that at this point in my ife (11:11am)
Dial: In fact I get a little sick thinking about that. Terrible. (11:11am)
Boy Orbison: the bitter milkshake aftertaste....jeez! (11:12am)
Dial: Ugh. Screw that shit! (11:21am)
Dial: Totally on board with the green tequila plan, though! (11:22am)
Boy Orbison: Much safer (11:22am)
Boy Orbison: Hi Ian it's Marco I'm dialed in setting up a rerun I LOVE THIS SONG! (11:38am)
Boy Orbison: have fun, Dial. Catch you later! (11:58am)
Dial: Right on. Cheers! (12:02pm)