Chatroom History
March 20, 2018 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Michele K-tel: Sonic Disco Roto Sounds (8:04pm)
StrangEr Rik: Super Sonic Disco Fucking Roto! (8:16pm)
Michele K-tel: um. ok. : ) (8:16pm)
Paulitics: Whoo!! ...Hypnotic mix tonight.... Giving the people what they need!... Yes, ma'am!... That's the one! (8:32pm)
Michele K-tel: Clouds, lotsa Clouds (8:33pm)
Michele K-tel: Clouds are the best (8:33pm)
Paulitics: Sounds like Cloud Nine to me!! (8:43pm)
Michele K-tel: That's the one bubble yum (8:45pm)
Paulitics: :). Yes, ... Broadcast!... I haven't heard this one for years.... Michele K-Tel... Tearin' it up tonight! ... Large riddims!... Tuff! (9:05pm)
Dial: Such a great theme, Michele. Cheers to rainy days. And sunny ones that follow! (9:16pm)
Michele K-tel: indeed! (9:20pm)
Dial: Go Paulitics! Drinks ahoy. (10:07pm)
Dial: Stormy? Yeah, pretty hot. Is she a mom? (10:13pm)
Dial: Still gotta get you to visit the Twin Cities sometime. Studio is always open for RV travelers. Cheers! (10:15pm)
Paulitics: Yes!... You know,.. I am an airline employee... I can fly out there for free!... let's chill in Twin Cities and disturb some shit!.... hey, you should come on the air at 12am!! (10:18pm)
Dial: I can come on at 12. Just give me the cue! (10:22pm)
Dial: Hey, I think I know that father on the bus. He is doing great. Got him some jeans that fit him. (10:23pm)
Dial: Baseball! (10:26pm)