Chatroom History
March 23, 2018 10:00pm - 3:29am

Gerald Fnord: Serbian vampire lore's pretty good. (10:09pm)
Gerald Fnord: I think they're the ones with dhampirs%u2014and you can get rid of them with a bullet fired into the coffin. (10:10pm)
Gerald Fnord: I think, generally, they're a form of corrupted upir, which is to say a psychopomp. (10:11pm)
Gerald Fnord: Stoker introduced the idea of their being strong, to make his Count Wampyr (as he was first called) more of a threat. Before then, they were generally pretty frail, except that if they latched onto you%u2026. (10:16pm)
Gerald Fnord: (sorry)...if they latched onto you.... (10:17pm)
Gerald Fnord: Chat lost my speculation that the psychopomp escorts the soul into the afterlife, then can't resist jumping into the vacated body to have the kind of fun it can't as an incorporeal spirit. (10:20pm)
DrPantz: What's new my fellow subGenii (10:24pm)
DrPantz: =] (10:24pm)
DrPantz: Welcome to Friday. (10:24pm)
Gerald Fnord: Feynman, Schwinger, and Tomonaga all came-up with quantum electrodynamics around the same time, expressed in wildly different formulations. Schwinger's was more rigourous, Tomonaga's similar (I believe) but little-known, Feynman's best for doing calculations. Freeman Dyson proved them equivalent. (10:25pm)
DrPantz: digital physics? (10:25pm)
DrPantz: reality as probabilities (10:26pm)
Gerald Fnord: ...ent. Witten's version of string theory is, I gather, roughly the Feynman of the three major string theory variants. (10:26pm)
DrPantz: and then knowing this information does what? (10:27pm)
Gerald Fnord: Well, sure, probabilities---because lots of things are possible, but not equally so. (10:28pm)
DrPantz: probabilities aren't deterministic (10:28pm)
415-962-7979: CALL US! And listen to the ensuing hilarity as the DJ tries to figure out the phone system... (10:29pm)
DrPantz: har (10:29pm)
Gerald Fnord: Sorry, Peppe[sp?] was talking about there being three string theories as if that were unique. (10:29pm)
Gerald Fnord: I assert again, a couple of Dr Hal's frequent guests seem chosen to make him look all the smarter, like exhibiting a giant next to a dwarf. (10:31pm)
CONTACT US!: Send your people to our contact page to get in touch with our people (10:32pm)
Gerald Fnord: Maybe Pepe is a fine person in person, but the moment he starts up my hackles rise. (10:33pm)
Gerald Fnord: What about Chad Vader, who runs the cafeteria on the Death Star? (10:38pm)
Gerald Fnord: 'This tray is wet!' (10:38pm)
And if you%u2019re trying: to call the DJ live on air, that would be 415-962-7979. (10:38pm)
DrPantz: playing Dr Hal's show through winamp allows for the milkdrop audio visualizer to play (10:41pm)
DrPantz: it goes greawt with this show (10:41pm)
DrPantz: GREAT (10:41pm)
You can call: the studio any time at (415) 962-7979. (10:41pm)
Dr. Howland Owll: Naw, they ain't no tellyphone hyar, nohow. (10:44pm)
100%: goes to fund equipment upgrades and operating expenses that keep our non-commercial, volunteer-run, community-focused station on the air and sounding good! (10:46pm)
Our: newest shirt is $15, and our old shirt is only $5 %u2014 bargains at any price! (10:47pm)
Cosmonaut Malchik: My friend Krissay was starting to think Michael Peppe was a hoax (11:17pm)
Cosmonaut Malchik: She accused me of making him up as a pseudonym (11:21pm)
vj pussycat: oh boy oh boy, it's the michael peppe (11:23pm)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Yay! (11:23pm)
vj pussycat: i have to go out for a bit, so please don't be too funny till i get back (11:24pm)
Cosmonaut Malchik: It was for your rant that I recited at open mic night (11:25pm)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Nice fourth wall break (11:35pm)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Cease all motor functions (11:35pm)
littlecaller: these cats always talking about their phones (12:15am)
littlecaller: #orkillme (12:17am)
littlecaller: Howdy, Mr. Beau Dayshus (12:18am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Wealth disparity? (12:20am)
Michael J. Peppe: Gerald, we%u2019re (12:24am)
Michael J. Peppe: We toerate you. (12:24am)
Michael J. Peppe: But that%u2019s all. (12:25am)
Michael J. Peppe: Moving right along... (12:26am)
%u2019: chat cancer (12:27am)
Michael J. Peppe: Jeezwhiz. Sum peephole. (12:27am)
littlecaller: New GHOST IN THE SHELL is pretty good too. (12:29am)
littlecaller: just kidding (12:30am)
littlecaller: Dr. Hal I tried VR and now nothing seems real can you help me? (12:31am)
Jacqus Tati: You haven't seen anything until you've seen my film. (12:31am)
Jacqus Tati: Mon Oncle (12:31am)
littlecaller: Virtual Reality has made real reality seem virtual (12:31am)
Jacqus Tati: I invented the app-driven house. (12:31am)
Jacqus Tati: All mod cons have finally caught up with me. (12:32am)
Selina: Pet my pussy, Peppe. (12:32am)
Jacqus Tati: Oui. (12:32am)
Jacqus Tati: I am the real Tati. (12:33am)
Michael J. Peppe: Fake Peppe. (12:34am)
con: the air (12:34am)
Michael J. Peppe: Don%u2019t believe a word he says. (12:34am)
Michael J. Peppe: I am the real MJP. (12:34am)
Jacqus Tati: To tell the truth? (12:35am)
Jacqus Tati: Or consequences. (12:35am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: New Mexico (12:35am)
Michael J. Peppe: I am spikeful. So watch your ass, Fnordfish. (12:35am)
Jacqus Tati: Huh? (12:36am)
littlecaller: pretty music (12:36am)
Jacqus Tati: There is no "New" Mexico. (12:36am)
Jacqus Tati: Mexico is as old as the pils. (12:36am)
Jacqus Tati: Where's Peppe? (12:36am)
Michael J. Peppe: Here, (12:36am)
Jacqus Tati: I meant the fake Peppe. (12:36am)
Jacqus Tati: Can hear him, faintly flailing. (12:37am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Emperor, the new Peppe has arrived. (12:37am)
Michael J. Peppe: Toity hoity, joy at forty. (12:37am)
Emperor Snortin: Insult fate. (12:38am)
Emperor Snortin: Where's Puddling Evidence? (12:38am)
Michael J. Peppe: He is at the studio. (12:39am)
Bored of Canada: Hey, you're playing my song! (12:39am)
Michael J. Peppe: I eould like to play with your sarong. (12:40am)
Bored of Canada: Fresh is the weird. (12:40am)
Bored of Canada: You might get a smack. (12:40am)
Bored of Canada: I want my residuals. (12:40am)
Micheel J. Peppe: Slimy bastard. (12:41am)
Bored of Canada: Garrison is a pervert. (12:41am)
Jim Garrison: I know a lot of puzzling evidence. (12:42am)
Bored of Canada: Who the fuck is playing my song?!! (12:42am)
Bored of Canada: Is that you, Herr Doktor Hal? (12:43am)
Bored of Canada: I watn residuals. (12:43am)
Bored of Canada: In care of Warp Records. (12:43am)
Jim Garrison: Who killed Kennedy. (12:43am)
Jim Garrison: Doktor Who. (12:44am)
Bored of Canada: Hey, is that NO2? (12:44am)
Spock: Where's Captain Kirk? (12:45am)
Spock: I'm Spock. (12:45am)
Spock: Dr. Hal, who invented the spork? (12:45am)
MDMA: How much for X? (12:46am)
Spock: Money, the final frontier. (12:46am)
MDMA: Eat me, Peppe. (12:47am)
Frank Moore: My cult lives. (12:47am)
Frank Moore: Tho i died. (12:47am)
Frank Moore: And, btw, i could hardly run for anything. (12:48am)
Frank Moore: Not with that body. (12:48am)
Peppe Clone #10,191: I could run on Baghdad batteries (12:48am)
Frank Moore: Glad to gone. (12:48am)
Frank Moore: Tho i do miss the sexy sex. (12:48am)
Spock: Where's Captain Kirk? (12:48am)
The Orb: Peppe Clone #10,191, you are plaing my song. (12:50am)
Peppe Clone #10,191: Somewhere beyond the neBhu01us v312rrgh.... (12:50am)
Jevetta Steel: I'll be calling you. (12:50am)
Jevetta Steel: A little cafe... (12:50am)
Peppe Clone #10,192: Emperor, the new Peppe has arrived. Again. (12:50am)
Frank Moore: Just in time. (12:52am)
Jevetta Steel: Desert road... (12:52am)
Jevetta Steel: Coffee machine... (12:53am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Hey, Frida Kahlo was a communist. Not saying that's a bad thing either. (12:53am)
Jevetta Steel: Hot, dry wind.... (12:53am)
Jevetta Steel: I'll be calling you, Peppe. (12:53am)
Barbie Kahlo: Where is my unibrow. (12:54am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Build statues of John Brown (12:54am)
Pubic Square: Don't be a square man. (12:54am)
Marianne Sgebrecht: call me for a good time (12:56am)
Marianne Sgebrecht: John Brown's body. (12:56am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Build statues of John Brown glaring at all those Robert R Lee's (12:57am)
littlecaller: That guy Speed has a good tour show on hulu (12:57am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: E (12:57am)
Marianne Sgebrecht: lies a-mouldering in the grave (12:57am)
F: U? (12:58am)
E: Or (12:58am)
X: Is Puzzling Evidence going to read the chat this wee? (12:59am)
X: Wee, wee, week, all the way home. (12:59am)
X: If Puzzling Evidence isn't going to read the chat in the next 108 seconds, (12:59am)
X: I am out. (1:00am)
Pubic Square: Rub my four sides. (1:00am)
X: Puzzling Evidence, please read the chat. (1:00am)
FEXXLAWS: spangle my bologna (1:00am)
X: On the air, not silentlly to yourself. (1:00am)
PE: Get lest. (1:00am)
X: Read to us, the faithful listeners. (1:00am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: None of that could have been accomplished without the communists (1:00am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: And anarchists (1:01am)
Pubic Square: Joe Balogna? (1:01am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Mmmm, organized crime (1:01am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: FEXXLAWS? (1:01am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Who? What? Why? When? Wear? (1:02am)
FEZZLAWS: star spangle my banana (1:02am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Ominous bill? (1:03am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Donald Duck Trump (1:03am)
Barbie Kahlo: Unibrows unite, (1:03am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Stormy has windy ayes. (1:03am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Aye, aye, ai ai. (1:04am)
Barbie Kahlo: I am the Frida bandita. (1:04am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: THere's goes the neighborhood. (1:04am)
FEZZLAWS: Fez laws. (1:05am)
FEZZLAWS: Feckless fez laws. (1:05am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Feckle and jive. (1:05am)
FEZZLAWS: Fickle, pickle, stick my icicle. (1:05am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Mafia, oh so. (1:05am)
Barbie Kahlo: To sir with unibrows. (1:06am)
FEZZLAWS: Gun laws., (1:06am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Blow me. (1:06am)
FEZZLAWS: Wash his mouth out with soup. (1:06am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Eat my alphabet soap. (1:06am)
Moleway: my brows are singular (1:07am)
Barbie Kahlo: Therre, always after me Irish Spring. (1:07am)
FEZZLAWS: Puzzling evidence of chat. (1:08am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Puzzzling evidence of exhibit 1. (1:08am)
FEZZLAWS: Zzzling evident. (1:08am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Sizzling evidents. (1:09am)
Barbie Kahlo: Art students. (1:09am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Poetry in notion. (1:09am)
FEZZLAWS: ZZZZ, lawdy, lawdy. (1:09am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Dring a forty. (1:09am)
Moleway: WOE (1:09am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: I've been on a Vonnegut kick lately (1:10am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Poe? A tree? (1:11am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: A female deer? (1:11am)
ate the whole think: Duh%u2019 (1:11am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Dresden. (1:11am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Been there, fire bombed that., (1:12am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: So it goes (1:12am)
%u2019: kickstart my nutter butter (1:12am)
Typhoon: 3 Noreastes in 10 days. (1:12am)
Typhoon: Yer gonna wish for an earthquake. (1:13am)
Moleway: what if it's all ocean? (1:13am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Frank Ocean? (1:13am)
FEZZLAWS: The garbage patch is going to swallow SF in a 17 months, at the rate it (1:14am)
FEZZLAWS: is growing. (1:14am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: I've got mercury poisoning. (1:14am)
billy and timmy: ocean (1:14am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: It's fatal. (1:14am)
Moleway: Even oxygen is fatal. (1:15am)
Frank Ocean: I am gay. (1:15am)
Frank Ocean: And out. (1:15am)
Frank Ocean: Clocking gay dollars. (1:15am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: ...groan... (1:15am)
Typhoon: Touch my mark, Peppe. (1:15am)
Moleway: < straight man with a gay dream (1:15am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Fun, fun, fun! (1:15am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Peppe, do not read the chat. (1:15am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: You suck at it. (1:15am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: We want PE> (1:15am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: NOW> (1:15am)
Bazooka Joe Bologna: Read the chat, Mr Evidence. (1:16am)
soothsay : weird stuff (1:16am)
Frank Ocean: Gay chat. (1:16am)
Typhoon: Homophobo. (1:16am)
Frank Ocean: No way. I am gay. Cannot be a homophobe., (1:16am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Bosh. I have no business entertaining people. (1:16am)
Typhoon: Yer a homophone. (1:16am)
Jevetta Steel: I'll be calling you. (1:17am)
Jevetta Steel: Just not tonight. (1:17am)
chat : outside the box (1:17am)
Frank Ocean: Oh, god; they suck. (1:17am)
Frank Ocean: Dead tuna cans. (1:17am)
Frank Ocean: Can't dance. (1:17am)
Jevetta Steel: A little cafe... (1:17am)
Jevetta Steel: with no tuna fish cans. (1:17am)
Frank Ocean: Suck my gay terpsicord, twerp sick chord. (1:18am)
Jevetta Steel: I (1:18am)
Jevetta Steel: will be calling you. (1:18am)
Jevetta Steel: Some other night. (1:18am)
Jevetta Steel: Can you hear me? (1:18am)
Moleway: where's Fistin and Gerblin when you need him? (1:18am)
Jerblin an Fishting: just dunno (1:19am)
Miss Cleo: I can read your mind... (1:19am)
Miss Cleo: for only Five dollars. (1:19am)
Frank Ocean: Hip-hop. (1:19am)
Frank Ocean: Gay hoo, (1:19am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: All glory to the hypnotoad (1:19am)
Frank Ocean: Hoooo! hop! (1:19am)
Jevetta Steel: I (1:19am)
Jevetta Steel: I'll be calling you. (1:19am)
Jevetta Steel: Can you hear me next week? (1:19am)
Miss Cleo: Anton Lavey playe d the calliope. (1:20am)
Miss Cleo: He sucked at it. (1:20am)
Miss Cleo: Self-indulgent, borin prick. (1:20am)
logged in as weird: #go to Radio Valencia%u2018s website (1:20am)
Jevetta Steel: I won'te be calling him, then. (1:21am)
Frank Ocean: Smoke me if you got me. (1:21am)
Jevetta Steel: I'll be smoking you. (1:21am)
Frank Ocean: I hear ya. (1:21am)
Miss Cleo: Call me and I will read your mind. (1:21am)
Frank Ocean: What is %u2018s? (1:22am)
Frank Ocean: WTF? (1:22am)
Frank Ocean: TFW? (1:22am)
Frank Ocean: WTFFEZZLAWS? (1:22am)
Done: no time left for you. (1:22am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Fuck them (1:22am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: I'm following you (1:22am)
Jevetta Steel: I'm listening. (1:22am)
Moleway: This is great go on! (1:22am)
Done: Sex with 'em? (1:22am)
Jevetta Steel: Only the echoes of my mind. (1:22am)
Frank Ocean: Lick my mole. (1:22am)
Sesame Street alien: Muses = 3 rounds of FMK. Go. (1:23am)
Frank Ocean: MY hairy mole. (1:23am)
%u2018: %u2019 is fake news (1:23am)
Done: so much....why the (1:23am)
Frank Ocean: Hey, thanks for following me, Malchic. (1:23am)
Frank Ocean: Chic, le freak with me. (1:23am)
Frank Ocean: Are you gay, too? (1:23am)
Moleway: Another, rarer genealogy the muses are daughters of Harmonia who is sister of Eris (1:23am)
Frank Ocean: Lick my mole, if you are. (1:24am)
Jevetta Steel: I'll be moling you. (1:24am)
The Mole Show: Puzzling Residents (1:24am)
Puddling Evidence: easy wipes (1:24am)
Eris: tu (1:25am)
Pluggugly Revedince: wanna right (1:25am)
Eris: Dis chord, dat chord. (1:25am)
Pluggugly Revedince: ? (1:25am)
Eris: Pull my chord. (1:25am)
Eris: Pluggugly Reverends (1:25am)
Jevetta Steel: Pluggugly Puddling (1:25am)
Karen Carpenter: (1:25am)
Eris: Puggly woogly. (1:25am)
Karen Carpenter: it's tbe happening sound (1:26am)
Miss Cleo: I read you mind. Do you mind? (1:26am)
moleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoley: moleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleym oleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoley (1:26am)
Eris: My mind is going. (1:26am)
Jevetta Steel: I'll be calling you. (1:26am)
moleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleshow: Chicken moleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleymole. (1:26am)
moleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleshow: Mmm, =mmmm, = goood., (1:27am)
Pluggugly Revedince: without a stout. (1:27am)
moleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleym oleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoleymoley: My nom's loinger than your nom. (1:27am)
Jevetta Steel: I'll be calling your mom. (1:27am)
Karen Carpenter: push programming (1:27am)
Jevetta Steel: If you keep up that moley stuff. (1:27am)
Gay Mole: Swim in my ocean. (1:28am)
Javetta Steel Balls: I'll be balling you. (1:28am)
fezzling trumpulints: tune in to google (1:28am)
The Mole Snow: It's raining men. (1:29am)
Gay Mole: Are they gay? (1:29am)
The Mole Snow: Gay muses. (1:29am)
alexa: wrong (1:29am)
alexa: sad (1:29am)
Javetta Steel Balls: Where's Puzzlig Evidence (1:29am)
Javetta Steel Balls: when you need him to read the shat? (1:30am)
Right: . (1:30am)
The Mole Snow: Shatter. (1:30am)
Right: Is always... (1:30am)
The Mole Snow: I can't get no (1:30am)
The Mole Snow: shatter. (1:30am)
alexa: winston, the jeopardy computer (1:30am)
Right: is might... (1:30am)
Right: sati fiction (1:30am)
Karen Carpenter: (1:30am)
Right: is the Irealite... (1:30am)
Revedince Advisor: Mel Pony? (1:30am)
Revedince Advisor: You mean, Mel Tore Me a new hole. (1:31am)
al roker: al the time (1:31am)
Mel Tore Me: LIck my hairy hole. (1:31am)
Mel Tore Me: I can't belive I ate the whole mole. (1:31am)
Revedince Advisor: Fuck you. Lick the whole mole. See if I care. (1:31am)
Sesame Street alien: Rodan (1:31am)
Gay Mole: Lick me. (1:31am)
Revedince Advisor: Karen Carpenter is banned. (1:32am)
Revedince Advisor: So go away!!!! (1:32am)
Mel Tore Me: Who is Karen Carpenter? And why was she banned?!?! (1:32am)
Revedince Advisor: She was fresh. (1:32am)
Revedince Advisor: Fresh is not the word, (1:32am)
Mel Tore Me: Oh, ok. (1:32am)
Right: on... (1:32am)
Right: man... (1:33am)
Revedince Advisor: Only the echoes of her mind the ban. (1:33am)
Right: only the ban is on the mind, man (1:33am)
Rodan's sTinker: Kneel before me. (1:33am)
im a muser, baby: so, why dont you kill them? (1:33am)
Rodan's sTinker: I'll kneel necks. (1:33am)
Peppe's Knees: Kneelings, nothing more that kneelings. (1:34am)
Wotan: yes, of cousresrewjhlu uxw (1:34am)
Revedince Advisor: ...grow'n'. (1:34am)
Peppe's Knees: hehehehe (1:34am)
Revedince Advisor: No (1:34am)
Gay Mole: I%u2019 m still gay. (1:35am)
Revedince Advisor: No (1:35am)
Peppe's Knees: Yes, he is a mole. (1:35am)
Revedince Advisor: Know (1:35am)
Karen Carpenter: im not quitting until I get a new listener (1:35am)
Karen Carpenter: (1:35am)
Revedince Advisor: You listen here... (1:36am)
Revedince Advisor: Karen. (1:36am)
Revedince Advisor: Or whoever you are. (1:36am)
Revedince Advisor: Karen died. (1:36am)
Revedince Advisor: Starved. (1:36am)
Revedince Advisor: You are an imposter. (1:36am)
Revedince Advisor: Like all those Peppes. (1:36am)
Revedince Advisor: Peppe's pot. (1:36am)
Revedince Advisor: Smoke 'em if ya got him. (1:36am)
Gay Mole: Is he gay?!?!a.a,.a,?,?!., (1:37am)
Revedince Advisor: ...cripes. (1:37am)
that listener : at the bus station really paid off (1:37am)
Karen Carpenter: (1:37am)
Peppe's Knees: from being gay (1:37am)
Peppe's Knees: I'm worn out. (1:37am)
Revedince Advisor: Revedince Visor (1:37am)
mole's show: See a dermatologist. (1:38am)
logged in as that listener: can't click .. clicking .. (1:38am)
mole's show: A gay dermatologist, if at all possible. (1:38am)
Peppe's Knees: Can't click when you're on my knees. (1:38am)
Google Gay Mole: Search me. (1:39am)
Google Gay Mole: Please. (1:39am)
Black Blake: the abyss gaze black (1:39am)
mole's show: Is Peppe, the real one, there? (1:39am)
mole's show: He should read the shat. (1:39am)
Black Blake: Black shat? (1:40am)
Black Blake: Don (1:40am)
Black Blake: t (1:40am)
Black Blake: drposs (1:40am)
Black Blake: myu (1:40am)
Black Blake: p[anthere (1:40am)
Black Blake: apjjmnafeefuck (1:40am)
Black Blake: fjcksnneefiuck (1:40am)
Black Blake: calipollepeppe (1:40am)
Calico Peppe: Pussy (1:40am)
Black Bart Convoy: another gay (1:41am)
Black Bart Convoy: Oceans of gay organs. (1:41am)
Calico Peppe: Spotted dick (1:41am)
Calico Peppe: spotted click (1:41am)
ADH: is so gay (1:42am)
Google Gay Mole: so much. (1:42am)
Calico Peppe: Ya played it for her, ya can play if for me. (1:42am)
Calico Peppe: Play it. (1:42am)
Calico Peppe: Play it. (1:42am)
Plaid Out: Square dances? (1:42am)
ADH AMC AOL : So gay. (1:43am)
ADH AMC AOL : Why so gay. (1:43am)
Plaid Out: Somber is as somber does. (1:43am)
lobbyist of big listener: adhoc (1:44am)
Bishop John Allegro: Mushrooms (1:44am)
Bishop John Allegro: Mushroooomssssd, (1:44am)
Bishop John Allegro: Eat more mushroooooms! (1:45am)
Bishop John Allegro: mole (1:46am)
Bishop John Allegro: mushroom mole (1:46am)
Bishop John Allegro: Holy mole. (1:46am)
Bishop John Allegro: Bless me for I sinned. (1:46am)
Bishop John Allegro: Good times. (1:46am)
Spock: Where's Karen Carpenter? (1:48am)
Spock: aka Goldie (1:48am)
KKK Goldie: Shits spear. (1:48am)
Ocean: Seas the momo. (1:49am)
Ocean: The wonderful, wonderful momo. (1:49am)
Momo Peppe: Peppe doesn't listen to this show. (1:50am)
Momo Peppe: If he did, he wouldn't ask that silly question. (1:50am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: The Machine Shop, right? (1:50am)
Ocean: Momo, (1:50am)
Achoo: I gob a code (1:50am)
Karen Hairpinter: Ajo? (1:51am)
Karen Hairpinter: UYuma? (1:51am)
Capt. Jack Thread: bush brogramming (1:51am)
Winters Kills: I got a van of furniture to get to Yuma. (1:53am)
Karen Hairpinter: Hairy mole penter. (1:53am)
Karen Hairpinter: Hairy bush mole. (1:53am)
Karen Hairpinter: penter (1:53am)
Karen Hairpinter: panter (1:54am)
Karen Hairpinter: panther (1:54am)
Karen Hairpinter: mole (1:54am)
Ever Glade: spray me (1:54am)
Ever Glade: You are a toad, Mr. Peppe. (1:54am)
Ever Glade: We will smoke you. (1:55am)
Winters Kills: I still got a van of furniture to get to Yuma. (1:55am)
Winters Kills: I got a van of venom and furniture to get to Yuma. (1:55am)
Newro Taxin: blowhard center now open (1:55am)
anthony newlywed : hashpipe tagging (1:55am)
Venom or Poison: Truth or Consequences (1:55am)
Venom or Poison: take your prick (1:55am)
Winters Kills: Toads are boring. Read the friggin chat, Puddling Residence. (1:56am)
Not true!!!: Fake news. (1:57am)
Wait!: Did you not just say, Dr. Hal, that you did not smoke it? (1:57am)
Wait!: How can you know how long it lasts? (1:58am)
Wait!: Curious and curiouser. (1:58am)
Waiter: bring me a menu (1:58am)
shelley winters bone: skull and crosswalks (1:58am)
Newro Taxin: Only one individul here has smoked it, Not Hal, nor MP... (1:58am)
Farm o co huh pee?: Wha??? (1:58am)
Not true!!!:: More fake news. (1:59am)
Newro Taxin: my dog used to chase buffos around the dinner table... (1:59am)
Not true!!!:: Who there smoked It? (1:59am)
Not true!!!:: Who? I demand an answer. (2:00am)
Newro Taxin: go to sleeep now... (2:00am)
Audience Rep: Now, be nice, they belisefgneuyfve all this poo (2:00am)
wait waiter waitest: the pep boys (2:01am)
Winters Kills: My sweet prince. (2:01am)
Audience Rep: The peep boys (2:01am)
people: sure (2:01am)
Audience Rep: and, windy bags (2:01am)
Not true!!!:: Fuck that. Sweet prince, sweet potoato. All I wanna know is who smoked that shit! (2:01am)
Winters Kills: Amplexus kills. (2:01am)
Not true!!!:: Who fuckin smoked toad? Who??? (2:02am)
Winters Kills: Toad kills. (2:02am)
IT'S ALL TOO TRUE: I know youzre what? (2:02am)
Not true!!!:: LPGA Phoenix Open is played at an AZ golf course.... (2:02am)
Winters Kills: Talk to the hand. (2:02am)
Not truw at alle::: sing for supper show (2:02am)
The Water {people) include: this answer (2:03am)
Not true!!!:: Stridulatoin is rubbing body parts against each other/ (2:03am)
Not true!!!:: How's that sound to you? (2:03am)
Not true!!!:: Rub the wrong way; mis-stridulate. (2:03am)
Not true!!!:: More fake news. (2:04am)
all caps in the haps: say weird stuff (2:04am)
Farm o co huh pee?: Yes. (2:04am)
Farm o co huh pee?: Both male and female secrete juju juice. (2:04am)
frost : i'm ed flake and this the news (2:05am)
Farm o co huh pee?: But you won%u201Dt ever know unless PE reads the shat. (2:05am)
Not true!!!:: Don't read the chat. (2:06am)
Not true!!!:: Please don't read the chat. (2:06am)
Not true!!!:: Please don't eat the diaisies and please,please,please don't read the chat.' (2:06am)
i'm not stopping : until i get zero listeners (2:06am)
Winters Kills: Weird stuff. (2:06am)
The Water {people) include: no lisstners (2:07am)
Zero Listener: Ice Station Feces (2:07am)
william chatner: i didn't just write that. (2:07am)
Not true!!!:: Fake news! (2:07am)
Not true!!!:: More fake news! (2:07am)
william chatner: yes i did (2:08am)
william chatner: Fuck me (2:08am)
Winters Kills: Your bodies won't beef found. (2:08am)
Winters Kills: We're going to bury them in the middle of the vast golf course in the middle of Arizoney. (2:08am)
Not true!!!:: FAKE FUCKING NEWSSSSSS (2:09am)
Winters Kills: Christ. (2:09am)
Not true!!!:: Yeah, he's fake too. (2:09am)
Is Ther Airr: u dunt no! (2:09am)
Zero Listener: Kissing Cousins and toads (2:10am)
Christ: amt note! (2:10am)
Not true!!!:: You don't fucking kiss them. (2:10am)
list then zero: sick of antics (2:10am)
Not true!!!:: You don't fucking lick them. (2:10am)
Not true!!!:: :Lick moles, not toads!!@!!!! (2:10am)
Not true!!!:: Smoke em if ya got breasts. (2:11am)
lou costcotello: i can't use my real name anymore (2:11am)
Christ: !!!! What fools thses chortles be. (2:11am)
Not true!!!:: Toad Hall (2:11am)
Not true!!!:: Twin of Monty (2:11am)
Not true!!!:: ^^^^ FAKE NEWS!!!!! (2:12am)
Not true!!!:: Smoke it. (2:12am)
Not true!!!:: Don't lick it. (2:12am)
Not true!!!:: In the austral island or in the austral US. (2:12am)
Not true!!!:: THat (2:12am)
Not true!!!:: is the only tongue you're likely to get so (2:13am)
Not true!!!:: suck it!@ (2:13am)
Winters Kills: sheesh (2:13am)
Not true!!!:: FAKE SHEESH!! (2:13am)
Not true!!!:: OK. I'm starting now. (2:13am)
Not true!!!:: Never again. (2:13am)
Not true!!!:: Or in your eyes (2:13am)
Not true!!!:: or uyour labia. (2:13am)
Not true!!!:: Or even up th4 keister. (2:14am)
Not true!!!:: Not good. (2:14am)
Not true!!!:: FAKE NEWS (2:14am)
Winters Kills: sheesh sheesh sheesh (2:14am)
Tis All Truest True: but... (2:14am)
Zero Listener: Momma got a squeeze box. (2:14am)
Not true!!!:: FAKE NEWS! (2:14am)
Not true!!!:: Use a reazor blade, same one you jiust used to snort rails. (2:15am)
Not true!!!:: Not the bird, the rail, of course. (2:15am)
Not true!!!:: THose are tough on the sinus. (2:15am)
Raillss: thanks (2:15am)
Winters Kills: Flame on. (2:15am)
Not true!!!:: FAKE NeWs (2:15am)
fake muse: mechanique out (2:16am)
Fake kRoB: Where%u2019s Captain Kirk. (2:16am)
Not true!!!:: He is dead. (2:16am)
Not true!!!:: And gone. (2:16am)
Not true!!!:: If we're all lukcy. (2:16am)
Not true!!!:: HAHA (2:16am)
Real KruB: up your cell phone (2:16am)
Not true!!!:: He can't call. (2:16am)
Not true!!!:: He's dead! (2:16am)
Fake%u2019: SNIKT (2:17am)
Not true!!!:: From the grave, maybe. (2:17am)
Not true!!!:: A ghost. (2:17am)
Not true!!!:: BOO! (2:17am)
Cosmonaut Malchik: Don't read it. (2:17am)
Not true!!!:: Don't let Peppe neasr the chat. (2:18am)
Not true!!!:: No flailing aloud. (2:18am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: Flail slightly? (2:18am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: He never lfails slightly. (2:18am)
FayKrUBB: longstorking (2:18am)
Not true!!!:: He never fails to flail, Junius. (2:18am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: Read the chat sdrawkcab. (2:18am)
Fake Hal: Logged in as Fake Peppe. (2:19am)
Not true!!!:: Dead like Jet. (2:19am)
chunder woman: sdrawekaf (2:19am)
Not true!!!:: Hospitality not hostility. (2:20am)
Not true!!!:: Never flails. (2:21am)
Not true!!!:: I mean, fails to flails. (2:21am)
Facko: what a load (2:21am)
Not true!!!:: Bang the MIke around, MIke. (2:21am)
Not true!!!:: Bang, bang, bang the flail slowly. (2:21am)
Not true!!!:: He hates Peppe, Gerald Fnord. (2:21am)
Not true!!!:: Loathes Peppe. (2:21am)
Not true!!!:: Fnord's a blowhard. (2:22am)
Not true!!!:: FAKE NUDES (2:22am)
hostelity: paradio banalcia (2:22am)
Fake Hal: I am aform of pareidolia. (2:22am)
Fake Hal: No body. (2:23am)
Not true!!!:: No blood brain barrier. (2:23am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: No shit. (2:23am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: No flailing. (2:23am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: How boring. (2:23am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: Flail, Peepppe. (2:23am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: Liven things up a bit. (2:23am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: A lot bit. (2:23am)
Not true!!!:: FAKE FLAIL. (2:23am)
Fake Hal: Pscho pump. (2:24am)
JonathanFrakesNews: flailbait (2:24am)
Fake Hal: Bates fucks his mom. (2:24am)
Not true!!!:: Fall of the house of psychopomp. (2:24am)
Not true!!!:: Ful house of psychopomps. (2:24am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: Wasn't Karen banned? (2:25am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: THat's why she starved. (2:25am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: From restaurants across the United States? (2:25am)
Not true!!!:: FAKE NEWTS!!! (2:25am)
Not true!!!:: FAKE ANTHONY NEWTSly. (2:25am)
uloser s grant: it got better (2:25am)
Not true!!!:: And then it go worse again. (2:26am)
Fake Hal: And LSD. (2:26am)
Fake Hal: Freeman Dyson invented the vacuum cleaner. (2:26am)
Voluminous Luminous Ominous Junius: Whitman tastes good ike a sampler should. (2:26am)
Not true!!!:: Now I gotta grown. (2:27am)
Not true!!!:: grown (2:27am)
Not true!!!:: groan (2:27am)
Not true!!!:: Matte groaning. (2:27am)
Not true!!!:: Flat. (2:27am)
Not true!!!:: groaning. (2:27am)
floornet: v skynet (2:27am)
Not true!!!:: Science is boring. (2:27am)
Not true!!!:: The world is flat. (2:28am)
har: d (2:28am)
har: dy (2:28am)
har: dly (2:28am)
Not true!!!:: oh, sigh. (2:28am)
Fake Hal: Where is Hal? (2:28am)
Fake Hal: Tell Peppe to shut the fuck up and let Hal talk. (2:29am)
Not true!!!:: Like I said, he's a blowhard. (2:29am)
Not true!!!:: Peppe is correct about the num ber of string theories. (2:29am)
Not true!!!:: Tampon string theory, string cheese theory, sting been theory, string done that theory (2:30am)
Not true!!!:: and string em along theory (2:30am)
Fake Hal: Faek nwes (2:30am)
Not true!!!:: Wrigley Spears moment? (2:31am)
Not true!!!:: Did he just asay that?!? (2:31am)
Not true!!!:: Assay, assay. (2:32am)
Not true!!!:: Foghorn Steamtrunk (2:32am)
Not true!!!:: How much is the shirt off of Peppe's back? (2:33am)
Gerald Fnord: It's not that he's famous, he's just repeatedly inane. (2:33am)
har: That gorilla is nice at any prince. (2:33am)
Not true!!!:: Mirror, mirror? (2:34am)
har: harharhar (2:34am)
Gerald Fnord: Not THAT old megillah. (2:34am)
Not true!!!:: Seize all motorhomes. (2:34am)
Lan drue!!!: HelpmeHelpmeHelpmeHelpmeHelpmeHelpme HelpmeHelpme (2:35am)
Not true!!!:: HelpmeHelpmeHelpmeHelpmeHelpmeHelpme ? (2:35am)
Not true!!!:: Huh? (2:35am)
Not true!!!:: Chadders: Everett? (2:35am)
Not true!!!:: I am now listening intently to Peppe read the shat. (2:38am)
chaat bore x: im not going until listening becomes viewing (2:38am)
Poot Sledge: my movie be better (2:39am)
stuffing ingredients: liszt their heir? (2:42am)
dino-droppings: hbghgggggrrrrrrrasaaskskahhh (2:44am)
Not true!!!:: No Frank, no Moore. (2:45am)
ate the whole think: No Hal, no Moore, no Peppe, no flail. (2:58am)
Poot Sledge: Ok (3:02am)
Are you happy now: No more Show (3:02am)
Are you happy now: NO MORE SHOW!!!! (3:15am)
vj pussycat: fuck (3:16am)