Chatroom History
March 25, 2018 6:00pm - 8:26pm

Erik: We will be starting LATE due to technical difficulties THANK YOU (6:03pm)
Clone Warsaw: West Inderson is a hack (6:15pm)
Cory: owen wilson tho (6:20pm)
Cory: dat nose (6:20pm)
Clone Warsaw: Right, he has the best most charming friends but he inner child needs a hug. (6:21pm)
Flavio: imagine Dagon luring kids into his white van with those Inquisition bullfrog vocals (6:22pm)
AlodoesDishesAl: Temple of legon (6:24pm)
Flavio: Daikon (6:25pm)
gooniestorm: hi doods (6:25pm)
Cory: hey bb (6:25pm)
gooniestorm: i give that al joke a 4/5 (6:27pm)
AlodoesDishesAl: Thanks jason (6:30pm)
Flavio: Oh the guitarist of Seven Sisters of Sleep also got outed as a pedophile recently. Bad week for heavy music. (6:31pm)
Root Beer Thief: John Spencer Blues Explosion was already a band (6:32pm)
gooniestorm: i watched it its bad (6:38pm)
gooniestorm: oops sorry (6:39pm)
gooniestorm: dude aint never drank a spacebag he aint no hobo (6:40pm)
gooniestorm: hojo hobo that's a 3/5 al joke nobody caught (6:43pm)
gooniestorm: THAT WASNT THE SAME GUY? (6:44pm)
Welf6969: What%u2019s Al wearing? (6:49pm)
AlodoesDishesAl: A's t-shirt, extremity mesh caps (6:49pm)
gooniestorm: SIIIIIICK (6:49pm)
Welf6969: Fingerless glove rock. (6:50pm)
gooniestorm: spot on call shelby (6:51pm)
AlodoesDishesAl: ^^ (6:52pm)
gooniestorm: you can say my name bro (6:52pm)
gooniestorm: IT GETS WORSE (6:54pm)
gooniestorm: you didnt even get to the chorus (6:56pm)
Cory: lol (6:57pm)
AlodoesDishesAl: Sandmans Revenge (7:15pm)
gooniestorm: AL IS CORRECT (7:18pm)
gooniestorm: spike lee sucks (7:18pm)
AlodoesDishesAl: Lol (7:27pm)