Chatroom History
March 27, 2018 10:00pm - 12:29am

Bujooo: Tear up di sound! (10:13pm)
Icom: I love you, DJ Paulitics (10:24pm)
Dial: Paulitics! Apologies for being late. (10:35pm)
Dial: Lift em high. Cheers! (10:43pm)
Paulitics: Fashionably Late.... that;s what the cool kids do! (10:44pm)
Dial: My birthday. Just remembered. (10:46pm)
Dial: 44. Trying to still be a cool kid. Shot time! (10:47pm)
Dial: Perfect choice in shows for a walk on the beach for a wife break, James! (10:50pm)
Paulitics: Dial,... How do feel about Dinosaurs?... I'll talk about your response on air! (10:59pm)
Dial: They have stayed in hiding, building up forces, and ready to claim their world back. (11:03pm)
Dial: But will take out the bad and coexist with all the good! (11:04pm)
Dial: They already figured out how to colonize Mars. No extinction. They just got the fuck out. (11:05pm)
Dial: Now they want to visit home again! (11:06pm)
Dial: Dinosaur fossils were just left to throw us off the trail. (11:13pm)
Dial: Definitely jump on at midnight if you want. Celebrating my bday. Might as well play some tunes! (11:32pm)
Dial: You missed my part about the dinosaurs hiding on Mars until the right time. (11:32pm)
Dial: They figured out how to colonize it, got the fuck out before extinction, let the earth reset... (11:37pm)
Dial: And now they want it back. (11:37pm)
Dial: Pina coladas for everyone! (11:38pm)
Dial: Turns out they were a very advanced space travel species. (11:39pm)
Dial: Dig this Tarkamt track! (11:42pm)
Paulitics: ock n. Dial (12:01am)
Dial: You got it, P! (12:03am)
Paulitics: I don't care what people think.... You put a tiger I'm the tank.... Happy Birthday! (12:10am)
Dial: Cheers to that! Shot time. Join me? (12:13am)