Chatroom History
March 26, 2018 8:00pm - 10:29pm

John Hell: Well hello there (8:04pm)
Dial: Hey Hey! (8:05pm)
John Hell: HEY HEY HEY! (8:06pm)
Tracy: I had technical difficulties until just now...what did I miss? (8:08pm)
Dial: Beefheart into Desi. Right on! (8:11pm)
John Hell: So much to share tonight (8:13pm)
Dial: Please do. (8:17pm)
Paulitics: I'm feelin' the hell tonight! (8:40pm)
John Hell: Sweet!!! (8:40pm)
Rich: How about God Save the Queen by Motorhead? That's like God singing about God! (8:50pm)
Dial: Played Nina doing The Pusher earlier tonight. (8:50pm)
Dial: Yo, Paulitics! Good to go. (8:51pm)
Rich: How about some Pixies? If the devil is six... (8:53pm)
John Hell: Love that song (8:54pm)
Dial: Nice. Enough time up in the clouds. (9:14pm)
Dial: Bring it back on down to the flames! (9:14pm)
John Hell: It's going to get louder before I'm done (9:20pm)
Dial: Was hoping you would pull this off. Nice! (9:23pm)
Dial: Also one of the best album cover artwork ever! (9:24pm)
John Hell: Seriously! (9:25pm)
netzard: Hey Dial-a-shot, how are ya? (9:48pm)
Dial: Netzard! Hey. (9:52pm)
Dial: Doing good. Just waiting for spring to actually kick in. (9:53pm)
Dial: How about you? (9:53pm)
netzard: Good. Watching the Giants play the As and listening to Radio Valencia (9:56pm)
Dial: Great theme, John! Thanks! (9:57pm)
John Hell: Thanks for tuning in (9:57pm)
Dial: Right on. Baseball has been in my dreams. (9:58pm)
netzard: You bet! (9:59pm)
Dial: Going to opening day? (9:59pm)
netzard: Naw, going week 2 (10:00pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Whats on your Sex C minds tonight? (10:10pm)
Dial: All the cold weather winter shenanigans in the Midwest that lead to so many fall babies! (10:14pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Heh! (10:16pm)
Miss Kae Oz: True! (10:16pm)
Dial: Oh, and my birthday is Wednesday. Bring me some fucking spring! (10:16pm)
Miss Kae Oz: I'm holding it here in The Bay for you. Come and get it (10:17pm)
Dial: Soon enough. Was just back late December. (10:19pm)
Perfect_Timing: Should definitely cover SESTA/FOSTA... (10:20pm)
Dial: Another trip will be in the works if I can find a place to lay my head. (10:20pm)
Perfect_Timing: Fucking chatterbox... (10:21pm)
Miss Kae Oz: I would totally put you up, but all I have is a love seat in the living room of a small apartment full of bartenders in and out at all hours (10:21pm)
Miss Kae Oz: PT - Definitely (10:21pm)
Miss Kae Oz: I wish I had a net neutrality expert in for that, though (10:23pm)
Perfect_Timing: Fuck that. Should have a few Sex workers in to explain how it%u2019s complete bullshit and will actually work against the supposed interest of the laws. (10:24pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Yes. But also experts in how it is backdoor censorship would be good too (10:25pm)
Perfect_Timing: It%u2019s front door, back door, windows, casements, cracks in the floorboards (10:27pm)
Perfect_Timing: ...censorship (10:27pm)