Chatroom History
March 30, 2018 10:00pm - 2:29am

St.Inkfinger: Where is iT at?? (10:27pm)
Moleway: i'm having a Halgasm (11:04pm)
The Blob: I Love Pons Mar (11:07pm)
The Bob: has 1 interior (11:08pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: I micturate @ your parade (11:10pm)
dj nurse annabella- frsc101.3fm: i hungout in dr hal's apartment today,i saw the dinosaurz (11:11pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: I hung out in Dr Hal's apt. once and he showed me his scrotum humanum (11:12pm)
Moleway: I dreamed I met Dr Hal on a goat farm in the desert (11:15pm)
Moleway: He said, "Buzz off, kid." (11:15pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: He was staring at a goat... (11:15pm)
dj nurse annabella- frsc101.3fm: dr hal gave me a cactus today! and i saw bob on his fridge. (11:16pm)
Moleway: u lucky (11:16pm)
dj nurse annabella- frsc101.3fm: ;) is krob there? (11:25pm)
The Good Morty: being alone is more harder than being famous (11:36pm)
The Bad Morty: so? (11:40pm)
Karen Carpenter: re-streaming the Ask Dr Hal live "radio" "show" on Reloadio... with my needless commentary! (11:41pm)
M Peppe: with me as Star! (11:51pm)
vj pussycat: listening to both (12:00am)
vj pussycat: now just reloadio (12:01am)
What Poopy Peppe is trying to: Say, in his halting, sluggish way, about Brazil, is that the Portuguese in fact enslaved far more Africans than the Anglo-American slavers in the US.. (12:16am)
So I keep typing but: How come my Posts never appear on the Chat??? (12:17am)
So I keep typing but: I posted Comments between (12:18am)
Karen Carpenter: you are validated (12:18am)
I posted a cool Comment between 12:01: And 12:16 AM, but it never appeared! (12:20am)
Karen Carpenter: there can be only one explanation... ghost pirates (12:23am)
Let's try this yet again:: What Sgt. Peppe was referring to as "thingamajigs" are actually called "microtubules", and he's right: there are 10,000 of them in each cortical neuron, increasing the total number of cerebral calculations so astronomically that they reach a kind of critical mass, and produce an "emergent property" known as consciousness. (12:33am)
So, just to finish that:: Sentence: operty known as consciousness. (12:36am)
So, just to finish that:: WHERE THE HELL: (12:37am)
So, just to finish that:: ARE ALL THE CHATTERS??? (12:38am)
littlesunshine: Thank Hell for Hal (12:40am)
Karen Carpenter: I was cleaning up a spill (12:45am)
Karen Carpenter: caused by Michael Peppe (12:47am)
Moleway: is Hal coming back? (12:47am)
Karen Carpenter: I have something to say............... (1:00am)
Moleway: Dr. Hal is high as giraffe pussy right now (1:01am)
Moleway: someone record the live shows please (1:02am)
Karen Carpenter: self indulgent clsptrap (1:02am)
Moleway: PuzzEv played some trap last night for a few seconds (1:03am)