Chatroom History
April 1, 2018 6:00pm - 8:28pm

delish: lol nice challenge (6:06pm)
delish: keanews (6:29pm)
delish: i love shelbys games! (6:35pm)
MURPHAY!: Al and I are happy to take one for the team (7:01pm)
Erik: "happy" (7:02pm)
Kevin: JFD reviewed that and I%u2019m not yet disturbed enough to seek it out. That and Human Centipede. (7:26pm)
scot: 2 real 4 u (7:27pm)
scot: 2 real 4 Kevin (7:28pm)
scot: 2 real 4 me 2 (7:28pm)
scot: Omg I can't believe you guys are still talking about oogieloves. I just started googling Jaime Pressly Christopher Lloyd to find an otherwise incredible sounding experience. (7:34pm)
Kevin: SCOT! (7:34pm)
Kevin: Banana Splits. Tralala lalala. (7:44pm)
delish: but harriet the spy is still good as a book, holds up (7:46pm)
Eamon: Warriors of Virtue (7:47pm)
scot: (7:49pm)
scot: Hoping HA does a class on smuggling sauce packets so he can Skype in me and welf and also welf (7:55pm)
delish: night bbs (7:59pm)