Chatroom History
April 6, 2018 10:00pm - 1:30am

Moleway: IS it I or "Bob" that does that thinking for me? (10:04pm)
Moleway: Who does that beating? (10:04pm)
Moleway: I pimped Hal's Kickstarter and it worked! : ] (10:05pm)
Little Tuner: "Bob" is the break-out archetype (10:12pm)
Little Tuner: He is Finnegan and he is Ahab (10:12pm)
Little Tuner: He has no concern for gender or politics (10:13pm)
Little Tuner: oh this is a rerun I wish it would say (10:15pm)
DrPantz: well shiver me timbers (10:48pm)
DrPantz: i made it in time to hear some Dr Hal (10:48pm)
DrPantz: Huzzah Dr Hal, greetings and salutations my friend. (10:49pm)
DrPantz: Jamming my guitar to Dr Hal broadcast! (11:03pm)
DrPantz: Hooray, for Dr Hal (11:05pm)
DrPantz: Sweet!!! (11:24pm)
Little Tuner: I'm watching a documentary called Art Bastard and listening to Dr. Hal (11:32pm)
Little Tuner: I don't think Dr. Hal is in the office tonight (11:32pm)
If...: They may show up after the live show at chickens... (11:51pm)
Little Tuner: HURRICANE HEIST (11:58pm)
Fraken Stein: No i no (12:04am)
Little Tuner: What movie are they watching? (12:07am)
Fraken Stein: Meets the Space, Monster... (12:09am)
Saul Midwall: thnx (12:10am)
Herbert: i Thinx also (12:11am)
Saul Midwall: clacking teeth (12:13am)
Saul Midwall: haha tube (12:14am)
The State of The Art: It's funny Vimecon Tube stuff (12:15am)
Saul Midwall: that alien is kind of gay for the 50's (12:26am)
Saul Midwall: hahaha this movie is great (12:32am)
A: gaylien? (12:32am)
A: not gay space robot just chased bikini girrl! (12:39am)
space turd?: ? (12:42am)
A: ! (12:43am)
space turd?: how entertaining (12:46am)
A: h, that's innertainment. (12:48am)
Saul Midwall: Out-monster the space monster (12:51am)
A: E Gaug, O, U (12:52am)
Saul Midwall: they're here for bikini girls? (12:53am)
Saul Midwall: two hot moms (12:54am)
Saul Midwall: love watching flicks with Mr. Evidence and Dr. Hal (1:00am)
Karen Carpenter: Dr Hal LIVE NW on Reloadio (1:03am)
Karen Carpenter: n (1:03am)
Karen Carpenter: en (1:03am)
A: PE (1:03am)
A: how long youse guys be there? (1:03am)
Karen Carpenter: (1:03am)
Karen Carpenter: forever (1:04am)
Karen Carpenter: Dr, Hal says "Switch over to Reloadio!" (1:04am)
Karen Carpenter: (1:05am)
Saul Midwall: was the live show on reloadio (1:07am)
Puzzling Evidence: Nice Show... (1:07am)
Puzzling Evidence: Yes. (1:07am)
Puzzling Evidence: No. (1:07am)
Puzzling Evidence: Know. (1:07am)
Puzzling Evidence: Guess (1:07am)
Saul Midwall: someone record the live show? (1:07am)
Puzzling Evidence: Rdio as Family Radio. (1:08am)
Kent: You're the worst thing not on the radio!!! (1:09am)
Saul Midwall: sounds way better than Valencia (1:10am)
Saul Midwall: mics always so hot there (1:10am)
Kent: because the jocks don't do their job (1:11am)
Saul Midwall: Puzzupposed to? lol (1:12am)
Puzzling Evidence: Rewidio (1:13am)
Puzzling Evidence: Rewindio (1:13am)
Saul Midwall: lowly internet fans (1:13am)
Puzzling Evidence: one listennerssz (1:13am)
Saul Midwall: someone needs to make you guys youtube famous (1:14am)
Saul Midwall: or maybe not (1:14am)
Mr. Integer: What is happening right now? (1:16am)
Puzzling Evidence: Rehereo (1:16am)
Puzzling Evidence: Hi. (1:17am)
Puzzling Evidence: It's here (1:17am)
Mr. Integer: We were listening to a rerun the hole time (1:18am)
Puzzling Evidence: No. (1:18am)
Mr. Integer: I have so many questions! (1:19am)
Mr. Integer: Hot-tub poops? (1:19am)
Puzzling Evidence: It's nothing compared to The Show that We see. (1:19am)
Puzzling Evidence: Tech Talk...yawn. (1:20am)
Mr. Integer: All I see are pretty mountains! (1:20am)
Puzzling Evidence: I'll give this blue flower to my freinds... (1:21am)
Puzzling Evidence: Pork Fryeds (1:21am)
Puzzling Evidence: one listenerz (1:22am)
Mr. Integer: I look for sound-collage and there's nothing out there! (1:22am)
Mr. Integer: it's a lot of work to make (1:22am)
Mr. Integer: easier to just use portable and collect a bunch of clips (1:23am)
Biff and Muffin: So? (1:24am)
Mr. Integer: so I wish I could see how Puzzling Evidence or KrOB dos it (1:24am)
Puzzling Evidence: Yes, it is. Sound work is lots of it... (1:25am)
Puzzling Evidence: Now, now, you just simmer down... (1:25am)
Mr. Integer: I have ableton and a push but I don't want to make clip beats, just string them together (1:26am)
Karen Carpenter: question: are you responding to the Dr Hal rerun or Reloadio? (1:26am)
Mr. Integer: lmao (1:26am)
Puzzling Evidence: or to me, perhaps? (1:28am)
Mr. Integer: perhaps perhaps perhaps (1:29am)