Chatroom History
April 8, 2018 10:00am - 12:30pm

Dial: Thanks Denise. Great show! (10:00am)
Dial: Boy Orbison and a friend. Cool. (10:31am)
Boy Orbison: Thanks! We're having fun! (10:32am)
Dial: Her first time in the studio? (10:41am)
Boy Orbison: Yup! First time ever (10:48am)
Dial: Sweet! Always a blast. (11:03am)
Boy Orbison: Thanks Dial! I appreciate you listening!! (11:19am)
Dial: Doing any political readings on future shows? Thought that was great! (11:21am)
Boy Orbison: I've been toying with reading stories I've written about my Animal Control job, but haven't worked up the courage yet. (11:23am)
Boy Orbison: I'm glad you liked atht Ballard reading. I loved doing that (11:23am)
Dial: Do it! I will promote it on my show(s) once you plan it. (11:25am)
Boy Orbison: Thanks for the encouragement! I will let you know when it'll be! (11:27am)
Dial: Right on! (11:31am)
Boy Orbison: Until next week, Dial! (11:54am)
Dial: Cheers and thanks as always! (11:56am)
Dial: Happy Sunday, Marco! (12:02pm)