Chatroom History
April 15, 2018 6:00pm - 8:27pm

Erik: Hellooooo (6:01pm)
Kevin: What up Goofys. That was a good track! (6:07pm)
?: . (6:10pm)
eric: test (6:11pm)
AVC_415: hello (6:11pm)
eric: o shit hello goofy pals (6:11pm)
AVC_415: Sure you know R Lee Ermey passed away (6:12pm)
eric: did not know that. i remember hearing something about him trying to say kubrick had told him in his final hours (kubrick's final hours i mean) that he was ashamed of eyes wide shut or something but then tried to go back on that? some weird shit (6:15pm)
eric: but still a bummer, guy was unquestionably in a lot of my favorite films (6:16pm)
Kevin: He truly had a Major Malfunction! (6:35pm)
eric : Nice (6:37pm)
Kevin: He also had a disturbing part in a law & order svu (6:37pm)
eric: Did ready player one have any outsider music in it (6:37pm)
Cory: lol (6:38pm)
Cory: thanks al for the pics! (6:52pm)
eric: This song is sublime (7:04pm)
Cory: it was on the label Sublime Frequencies lol (7:14pm)
Eamon: How about infamous black metal rip-off artist Blake Judd of Nachtmystium? (7:38pm)
Eamon: (7:38pm)
eric: I might get heat for this comment since I know illcon heads really dislike the UCB community but I have to say that a large number of their peopls who have gone through who made it big have said in a million different interviews/podcasts that they owe everything to the classes they took helped them not only become better performers and sketch writers but that the visibility of the herald shows and the credits of going through the program helped them get their first gigs in the industry (7:38pm)
Kevin: Glene Headley (7:40pm)
Kevin: Richard Pryor in Bustin Loose was involved in a pyramid scheme to help some orphans (7:43pm)
MURPHAY!: I%u2019m not busting on UCB! That article about the financials was interesting tho (7:43pm)
MURPHAY!: I have no feelings about the UCB community %u2014 but franchise education is fascinating to me (7:46pm)
eric: Is Miley Cyrus outsider music (7:50pm)
eric: Post that article on ptown if you remember it! I wanna peep it (7:50pm)