Chatroom History
April 15, 2018 6:00pm - 6:31pm

Erik: Hellooooo (6:01pm)
Kevin: What up Goofys. That was a good track! (6:07pm)
?: . (6:10pm)
eric: test (6:11pm)
AVC_415: hello (6:11pm)
eric: o shit hello goofy pals (6:11pm)
AVC_415: Sure you know R Lee Ermey passed away (6:12pm)
eric: did not know that. i remember hearing something about him trying to say kubrick had told him in his final hours (kubrick's final hours i mean) that he was ashamed of eyes wide shut or something but then tried to go back on that? some weird shit (6:15pm)
eric: but still a bummer, guy was unquestionably in a lot of my favorite films (6:16pm)