Chatroom History
April 17, 2018 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Michele K-tel: Meute rulez! (8:13pm)
Michele K-tel: Let's go to NZ... (8:15pm)
Paulitics: Whoooaaa!! K-Kel on fire tonight! Mad love!... Big up.... Nuff respect! (8:45pm)
Dial: Thats whats up. Love me some Tuesday nights. Cheers, guys! (8:52pm)
Michele K-tel: Tuesday Ups! (8:53pm)
Paulitics: Or if you look on the bright side, something has gone right again.... Deep thoughts.... (9:23pm)
Michele K-tel: You so Glass Half Full Paulitics (9:27pm)
Dial: Always love that glass half full style! (9:45pm)