Chatroom History
April 22, 2018 6:00pm - 8:23pm

Cory: About to start the show ! (6:02pm)
Erik: SALUTATIONS (6:06pm)
Root Beer Thief: %u201CSugar highhhhhhhh%u201D (6:19pm)
Kevin: Move on to David Spade. SARAH MURPHY!! (7:20pm)
MURPHAY!: Good call Kevin (7:25pm)
Al's Dad: Swami Mommy!: Rizzuto (7:34pm)
Al's Dad: Swami Mommy!: Phil Rizzuto!!!! (7:35pm)
Cory: oops (7:43pm)
Kevin: Quarantine was the bad American remake of REC. (7:44pm)
Root Beer Thief: %u201CSick pic%u201D Pie Eating Contest - stand by me (7:51pm)