Chatroom History
April 20, 2018 10:00pm - 1:29am

DrPantz: WooHoo - Dr Hal is live on radio valencia (10:04pm)
DrPantz: Greetings and salutations Dr Hal (10:05pm)
DrPantz: Got my modded version of Stalker cued up and ready to go and ready to listen to you (10:05pm)
DrPantz: I love you brother - thank you for all your art and humor (10:06pm)
DrPantz: pshaw I say (10:06pm)
DrPantz: we are here to have a good time (10:06pm)
Sesame Street alien: think this is an early-Jan. rerun, but good time will still be had (10:06pm)
Gerald Fnord: He's not complaining---are we sure that's Our Hal? (10:07pm)
DrPantz: I can never tell (10:13pm)
Moleway: this is a re-run Hal is doing the live show right now, right? (10:20pm)
littlelistener: lusty robots are coming (10:24pm)
Gerald Fnord: Once, when Stephen Hawking [%u05E2%u05F4%u05D4] was asked about quantum mechanics' relationship to consciousness, I heard him say 'When I hear the words "Schrdinger's Cat", I reach for my gun.'. A golden moment. (10:27pm)
Gerald Fnord: The Stuart Gordon "Pit and the Pendulum" begins with the historically accurate trial, conviction, and punishment-by-flagellation of an heretic's skeleton in order to dispissess his heirs of their inheritance. (10:31pm)
Gerald Fnord: I'm pretty sure it was an heretic, there not being any ten-years-dead crypto-Jews (Marranos) in 1492,and the Inquisition having no jurisdiction over Jews who hadn't officially converted. (10:34pm)
littlelistener: unlistenable (10:44pm)
Gerald Fnord: Romero's movies' grounding is that the zombies would never prevail in any of them if the living didn't screw-up massively and each movie becomes a study in a different failure mode, though pointless disagreement is always a part of it. (10:45pm)
littlelistener: via con reloadios? (10:56pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: But what about my scrotum humanum ? (11:52pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: Riddle me that, eh what? (11:54pm)
littlelistener: is this 1974 dracula? (11:55pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: Please explain away the mummified Vandelia cirrhosa encased in the urethral tubule of said forementioned scrot. hum.... hmmmm? (11:56pm)
littlelistener: bat scrotum stew? (11:57pm)
littlelistener: is this 1931 dracula? (11:58pm)
littlelistener: typing into the void (11:59pm)
Gerald Fnord: Stoker has Dracula walking around all over during the day, but limited in power only to being really strong, except able to change form at high and low tide. (12:00am)
Gerald Fnord: Traditionally, staking didn't destroy the vampire, just kept it fixed in place. (12:01am)
nobodyouwantoknow: Would you stake your life on that factoid? (12:02am)
Hero4Hire: I'm here for you ! For more info email (12:13am)
Mr Pink: Help me, please, Mr Hero ! ! Please, plase, don't make me beg, Mr Hero ! (12:14am)
Reservoir Puppy: Hello Mr Internet ! My name is Bobby Bubo ! I reincarnated yesterday and found this Show while nursing on Mom's teat and doting on my past lives, surfing the internet (I learned while in the womb). Now it almost makes sense ! (12:20am)
Dam Doggy: I 'm your Daddy ! (12:21am)
SHOWS OVER FOLKS: ! (1:00am)
Karen Carpenter: Dr Hal KrOB, Karen Carpenter an d Mrs, Karen Carpenter now LIVE on RELOADIO. (1:08am)
Karen Carpenter: n (1:08am)
Karen Carpenter: en (1:08am)
Karen Carpenter: en (1:09am)
Karen Carpenter: RELOADIO (1:10am)
WE: are not critical (1:10am)
WHO: needs listeners anyway (1:11am)
Another Zero: reloadio sounding good (1:13am)
littlecaller: KRoB numbers (1:15am)
Mrs.: HI (1:16am)
Mrs.: Where's Puzz? (1:17am)
Mrs.: Hal is over here.... (1:24am)
Mrs.: en (1:24am)
Mrs.: (1:24am)
Mrs.: (1:25am)
Mrs.: (1:26am)
Mrs.: these bit URLs are Hal LIVE (1:27am)
Mrs.: I am not a hacker (1:27am)
Fake Listener: Who am I? (1:29am)
Fake Listener: just watching westworld! (1:29am)