Chatroom History
April 23, 2018 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Perfect_Timing: Kae? (9:40pm)
dj nurse annabella- frsc101.3fm: hi kae oz ;) (10:02pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Hey Annabelle! (10:05pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Hey Sex C people (10:05pm)
rs: hey hey! (10:15pm)
TinkerTheHog: Oink means Yes (10:17pm)
Perfect_Timing: Oink oink means no? (10:18pm)
TinkerTheHog: Yes Yes (10:18pm)
DakaDiego: Check one two (10:18pm)
DakaDiego: Check one two (10:19pm)
Perfect_Timing: Testes, testes... one two... THREE?? (10:21pm)
RJ: poke, poke. (10:22pm)
RJ: Evening, everyone! (10:22pm)
DakaDiego: What is a metamour? (10:23pm)
Perfect_Timing: Friend of a friend with benefits? (10:23pm)
RJ: metamour is the lover of one of your lovers (but not romantically involved with you) (10:23pm)
Perfect_Timing: Holy balls, thanks RJ. (10:24pm)
DakaDiego: Good stuff. Perhaps the listeners would appreciate new terms defined too. %uD83D%uDC4D (10:25pm)
RJ: I missed the top of the show. May i asked who the guest is? (10:26pm)
RJ: ask (10:26pm)
Perfect_Timing: Just a moment, (10:27pm)
TinkerTheHog: Disorganized sex parties function just as well, believe me (10:27pm)
DakaDiego: Names of these new techie Sex clubs? :) (10:27pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Dr. Jen La Riz (10:27pm)
TinkerTheHog: Oink Oink (10:28pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Diego - heh. (10:28pm)
Perfect_Timing: We may want a reintro for new peeps (10:28pm)
DakaDiego: Private property = toys (10:29pm)