Chatroom History
May 11, 2018 10:00pm - 2:29am

Puzzling Evidence: Scary. (10:00pm)
Big Talker: YAY (10:05pm)
Dr. Penny: It%u2019s good to hear you again on the radio Dr. Hal. (10:06pm)
Mr. Mole: we heard the last live show (10:15pm)
Mr. Mole: on reloadio (10:15pm)
Mr. Mole: thank you Pete Goldie (10:15pm)
Mr. Mole: the Xists are recording everything (10:17pm)
Mr. Mole: i already lived this reloadioshow (10:18pm)
Mr. Mole: nice ambience on reloadio right now (10:20pm)
Mr. Mole: reloadio and radio valencia in incestuous union (10:21pm)
McSchmormac: WHAT'S The PHONE NUMBER??? (10:23pm)
little caller: I called Dr. Hal with a princess phone (10:24pm)
I: brought an extra chatterbox, if we run out of this one. (10:24pm)
GoR: can we listen to 2 shows at once? (10:25pm)
little caller: HOw is REv Mother on both shows? (10:26pm)
McSchmormac: the phone number on the "Contact Page" doesn't work (10:26pm)
Alan B.: Dr. Hal in one ear, Realodio in t'other (10:26pm)
Alan B.: It's all Show (10:26pm)
this website: constantly lies (10:27pm)
Groot: I am Groot. (10:27pm)
Karen Carpenter: (10:28pm)
Groot: Alan B. (10:28pm)
Karen Carpenter: * Winamp, iTunes oadio.pls (10:28pm)
Karen Carpenter: shit (10:28pm)
GoR: dio.pls&h=ATN8mdbZbMvJGCwniyXffz6Fsa zmSVdn7OZp-xy9ICKoAJE0ejYAEz99qJ63aq Ops-OCVVpUzt271J111Xmdte4ZasI2cZLZlA 5JbfLpzpDH1xp8kUvh0aOmddBrmxhWYg (10:29pm)
McSchmormac: WHAT'S THE PHONE NUMBER? (10:29pm)
now listen carefully, norman: i am lying. (10:29pm)
Karen Carpenter: ok it has been krobized (10:29pm)
Carl: this is like a rabbit fucking a squirrel (10:29pm)
Alan B.: Sounds really good. (10:30pm)
little caller: where did live on radio Dr. Hal go? (10:30pm)
i am an indian: but i also represent death (10:31pm)
Alan B.: This reloadio is simply full of robuts. (10:31pm)
Alan B.: Buts (10:32pm)
little caller: En VOgue? Seriously? (10:32pm)
GoR: what's your problem (10:32pm)
little caller: welcome to Dr. Hal here's a rerun (10:33pm)
Alan B.: When does the Venom stage announcements start? (10:33pm)
GoR: you don't know how to dance (10:33pm)
11: pm (10:34pm)
little caller: i know capybara (10:34pm)
Beautiful: Language (10:36pm)
Alan B.: Shrugs not drugs (10:36pm)
Shrug: Life (10:37pm)
Shruggish: I shoulda said (10:38pm)
lousy listener: nice poem (10:38pm)
Alan B.: CBD oil is now illegal without a weed card in Michigan. (10:38pm)
lousy listener: i just got some can't tell if it works (10:39pm)
Alan B.: Buy higher quality stuff, it works better (10:40pm)
lousy listener: it's pure extract tried 50mg sublingus (10:40pm)
lousy listener: is this the episode hwere Dr. Hal ate mac and cheese then passed out on air (10:41pm)
Alan B.: It chills me out, that's about it (10:41pm)
Alan B.: I already told you it sounds good. (10:41pm)
Alan B.: Needs more screaming Michael Peppe (10:42pm)
lousy listener: Dr. Hal read a poem and left again. (10:43pm)
lousy listener: WAA! (10:44pm)
Alan B.: Darn, the stream is down for me. (10:49pm)
GoR: comm check (10:50pm)
GoR: still down? (10:51pm)
Karen Carpenter: try now (10:52pm)
little caller: RV the motion picture (10:55pm)
Alan B.: A-OK now, thanks (10:55pm)
St.InkFinger: Waaazup? (10:57pm)
Carl: relaodio makes me want to do COCAINE (10:57pm)
Alan B.: DOOMocracy (10:57pm)
Carl: I will snort detergent instead (10:57pm)
2.2.4!: and noodles (10:58pm)
St.InkFinger: Kepps ya clean as a whistle (10:58pm)
Alan B.: Kids In Satan's Service (10:59pm)
Alan B.: A crappella (10:59pm)
Alan B.: Ahhhhhhhh.... Like a bump of pure medicine (11:00pm)
Carl: IT BURNS (11:00pm)
Carl: reloadio could use more volume (11:01pm)
Carl: OOOOOOMMMMMM (11:01pm)
Alan B.: The melange is lower than the mics, as it should be (11:02pm)
Carl: oh right (11:02pm)
Carl: After Armageddon Clark Ashton Smith (11:03pm)
Carl: sound melange (11:04pm)
Carl: who is responsible for this? (11:05pm)
St.InkFinger: Saberprop no doubt. (11:06pm)
Alan B.: Not even old guy cute ... Ow. (11:06pm)
Carl: i'm all jacked up on dish soap (11:08pm)
Carl: i'm getting back on track with Show (11:08pm)
St.InkFinger: I boot Dawn. You can wash an oily duck with it. (11:09pm)
Alan B.: Thanks for fixing the submixer, KrOB. (11:10pm)
Karen Carpenter: hey, this chatbox is for Reloadio (11:11pm)
Carl: BEE Jesus (11:11pm)
Carl: three shows in one (11:11pm)
GoR: Someone tell kRob (11:12pm)
St.InkFinger: MOAR SHOW (11:12pm)
Carl: MORMONKS (11:13pm)
St.InkFinger: CHIPPED MONKS (11:14pm)
Carl: creeping what? (11:14pm)
St.InkFinger: EGGZACTLEE (11:14pm)
Carl: high pass filter (11:15pm)
St.InkFinger: Band pass (11:15pm)
St.InkFinger: hall pass (11:15pm)
Alan B.: Ah, got my headphones. Much better. (11:17pm)
Alan B.: This sounds better than RV, less compressed. (11:18pm)
Carl Sagan: I'm on reloadio (11:19pm)
Carl Sagan: Shows within shows (11:20pm)
Alan B.: I don't need mentions, I just live for the Chatbox glory (11:20pm)
Carl Sagan: I have a billion questions (11:20pm)
little caller: buffer overrun (11:23pm)
nexus6000: When is the contractor coffee break segment? (11:23pm)
little caller: all my links are functional (11:23pm)
St.InkFinger: Jack Links? (11:23pm)
Alan B.: Blatant latency (11:23pm)
little caller: Help! a talking sausage (11:23pm)
Alan B.: Beat the Meetles (11:24pm)
little caller: radio valencia sounds like burning (11:24pm)
Alan B.: I would A/B Reloadio and RV but the app is a PITA (11:25pm)
little caller: both running here (11:25pm)
GoR: Hi Hal (11:26pm)
little caller: this reloadio clip on valencia is on repeat (11:26pm)
little caller: Thank you for dropping in, Dr. Hal! (11:26pm)
Alan B.: Meta (11:26pm)
nexus6000: I'm listening to 3 shows at once. The Weatherman is doing a Mom's day show. (11:27pm)
Alan B.: Too tired and lazy to get my laptop (11:28pm)
little caller: reloadio stream dropping (11:28pm)
little caller: great melange on reloadio (11:29pm)
little caller: my neighbor's think I'm nuts (11:29pm)
Alan B.: If it's too loud, they're too old. (11:29pm)
little caller: Hal seems opish lately (11:30pm)
Alan B.: That's the next frontier... A Raspberry Pi server to record Show (11:32pm)
Alan B.: Give KrOB the door code (11:37pm)
little caller: i think the gimp's sleeping (11:37pm)
GoR: 1234 (11:37pm)
Alan B.: It's sabatoogie! (11:40pm)
GoR: zombies (11:41pm)
Alan B.: Vomit. (11:41pm)
GoR: I get a kick out of... (11:43pm)
St.InkFinger: mules (11:48pm)
Puzzling Evidence: What? The Answer?! (11:53pm)
St.InkFinger: Good question (11:54pm)
sryrsyrsysylylllsyyy?: ?????? (11:57pm)
Puzzling Evidence: Oof. (11:57pm)
little caller: will Dr. Hal return? (11:58pm)
little caller: will there be fireworks? (11:58pm)
St.InkFinger: Will there be punch & pie? (11:58pm)
Alan B.: Good times. See ya. (11:58pm)
little caller: I like pie. (11:59pm)
St.InkFinger: What's your favorite? (11:59pm)
little caller: Falcon 9 pie (12:01am)
Karen Carpenter: stand by for the AfTER Reloadioshow (12:01am)
little caller: BOOM (12:03am)
St.InkFinger: There's no business like aftershow business. (12:03am)
little caller: BANG (12:03am)
little caller: hail the victorious dead (12:04am)
little caller: chat no smell like peepee Dr. Hal (12:06am)
Vktdr: Must be shadowbananas (12:06am)
little caller: chat smells like brandy and raspberries (12:06am)
Vktdr: Why am I still here? (12:06am)
little caller: Dr. HAl still here! (12:07am)
Vktdr: None of the links work ever anymore (12:07am)
Vktdr: Could be me, could be for millions (12:07am)
Shadowbandana: No one nose (12:08am)
Shadowbandana: Your Nose that is (12:08am)
little caller: heroic nose (12:09am)
Shadowbandana: Maybe gonna need big antennaes (12:10am)
Shadowbandana: This pluginnot suplorted (12:11am)
little caller: True art thou lad (12:13am)
little caller: As a circle to it's center (12:13am)
Door Mouse: are you a member? (12:18am)
Puzzling Evidence: Do I remeber?! I used to date her! (12:19am)
little caller: step 1: be cool (12:21am)
little caller: is this the new sound? (12:23am)
little caller: i like it. (12:23am)
little caller: SHow is making me dizzy (12:34am)
little caller: Show me where (12:34am)
little caller: where is my Slack? (12:35am)
Door Mouse: :squeek: (12:36am)
Nose Finger: my boogers are concentrated evil (12:37am)
Karen Carpenter: AfTEr RELOADIO is confused by Ask Dr Hal Show (12:37am)
Nose Finger: hahaha (12:39am)
Nose Finger: don't wanna be no pig no mo (12:40am)
little caller: WEE (12:42am)
Karen Carpenter: no dead haor here (12:44am)
little caller: this music (12:44am)
Karen Carpenter: pete goldie is not funny (12:47am)
Puzzling Evidence: WTG? (12:48am)
Puzzling Evidence: Dr Hal Is Neither. (12:48am)
Chicken James: Buffalo Chips For Sale (12:49am)
Rocket Rookie: Top-flight Doktors (12:51am)
Rocket Rookie: Two Dr. Hals for one (12:52am)
Rocket Rookie: augment you pstench with pheremones (12:55am)
confounded listener: Thank you Dr. Hal (12:57am)
Puzzling Evidence: I'm listening to you though... (12:58am)
Puzzling Evidence: Live through my com put er (12:58am)
confounded listener: WOAH (1:00am)
confounded listener: the show has gone fractal (1:01am)
confounded listener: read a poem now Dr. Hal (1:02am)
confounded listener: I had relaodio and RV playing reloadio and I thought the poem with that effect would be oh nevermind (1:04am)
confounded listener: i mean the stations were playing each other (1:04am)
confounded listener: it was like two mirrors (1:05am)
little caller: Gorgeous (1:10am)
T-Ching: T-Ching (1:25am)
Puzzling Evidence: Are You Jamming, ReOleo? (1:34am)