Chatroom History
May 13, 2018 6:00pm - 8:26pm

Erik: Helllooooo (6:01pm)
Eric: Dollywood was pretty legit when I went. There was randomly a spongebob ride there (6:13pm)
Eric: Tom Selleckwood (6:17pm)
Kevin: Fairyland had an adult evening two years back with unlimited beer and wine. It was a mess! (6:34pm)
MURPHAY!: They do a campout there that looks so cool (6:37pm)
Al's Dad: Swami Mommy!: Al's Dad: How do you know it wasn't someone who looked like Bill Walton? (6:40pm)
Eric: Y'all remember Manteca water slides? (6:40pm)
Eric: That place hosted summer concerts that were rough (6:40pm)
Eric: Raging waters is San Jose (6:54pm)
Erik: It was DEFINITELY Bill Walton, people were getting pictures with him and shit (7:08pm)
Kevin: Get Some Sum Summer. (7:15pm)
Kevin: Or SUMMAHHH! (7:17pm)
Eric: Is audio crazy for anyone else? (7:27pm)
415-962-7979: call in (7:28pm)
Kevin: Norman Bates Mom (7:33pm)
Craven Rock: Jesco White's Mom (7:40pm)
Craven Rock: SiqqPic for a strip club name: Moms (no apostrophe) (7:43pm)
Eamon: Bill's step-mom in Bill and Ted (7:43pm)
Eamon: Lionel's Mom in Dead Alive was p gnarly (7:44pm)
Kevin: Alice Kreig in Steve Kings Sleepwalkers. That%u2019s for Shelby (7:45pm)
Root Beer Thief: Starchild in The Never Ending Story (7:46pm)
Kevin: Sophia Loren MAMA ROMA! (7:51pm)