Chatroom History
May 15, 2018 8:00pm - 10:26pm

timmmii: we are live till 10pm (8:26pm)
timmmii: Down The Well, you are (8:26pm)
turd ferguson: i'm down here too (8:34pm)
timmmii: yo turd! (8:38pm)
timmmii: thanks for tuning in on the late shift (8:38pm)
timmmii: or i should say, the later shift than usual (8:38pm)
turd ferguson: luckily i saw your announcement on twitter! (8:43pm)
timmmii: where would be the best way to announce that? (8:47pm)
timmmii: twitter? i thought about making an email list (8:47pm)
turd ferguson: well following @downthe_well works OK for me, do you anticipate changing times frequently in the near future? (9:01pm)
timmmii: no, though i do foresee some infrequency of doing the show weekly. baby duties (9:04pm)
timmmii: i've considered moving to a later time, though tuesday night unavilable (9:04pm)
timmmii: more infrequency if i stay at 6-8 (9:05pm)
turd ferguson: well i know how it is with a new baby, at first it's deceptively easy... the kid sleeps a lot, but eventually it's a 24/7 job :) (9:06pm)
timmmii: ha! yes (9:07pm)
turd ferguson: i guess once they start consistently sleeping thru the night it gets easier but after that it's 5-6 years until you don't have to watch them like a hawk (9:07pm)
timmmii: he sleeps through the night most nights (9:12pm)
timmmii: but he's getting a LOT more mobile (9:12pm)
timmmii: i can't help but think 'how did i ever make it?' (9:13pm)
timmmii: soo many ways things can go wrong (9:13pm)
timmmii: for kids (9:13pm)
turd ferguson: oh yeah... once they start moving there%u2019s a whole new world of possibilities for badness (9:27pm)
turd ferguson: wow that was some html weirdness right there (9:30pm)
timmmii: yeah, we get weird character issues (9:31pm)