Chatroom History
May 20, 2018 10:00am - 12:30pm

Dial: Morning, Boy O! (10:03am)
Boy Orbison: Morning, Dial! (10:06am)
Boy Orbison: We wish you could join us today! (10:08am)
Dial: I know! Miss the comradery of the station. You better also have a cold one for me! (10:49am)
Boy Orbison: I might be the only non-drinker here today, but I will definitely have an edible in your honor! (10:52am)
Boy Orbison: ;) (10:52am)
Dial: Now youre talking. Even better! (11:06am)
Dial: The Sinatra Kittin track is killer! (11:37am)
Boy Orbison: Thanks! I figured I'd dust that one off for this morning (11:38am)
Boy Orbison: and this is my favorite Belle and Sebastian track (11:38am)
Dial: Everything has been great. (11:39am)
Dial: I dig it (11:39am)
Dial: Trumpet effect makes it even cooler (11:41am)
Boy Orbison: Thanks, Dial! I look forward each week to your listening (11:41am)
Boy Orbison: trumpets make everything cooler (11:41am)
Dial: Great Tina follow up! (11:44am)
Boy Orbison: I FUCKING LOVE TINA! (11:45am)
Boy Orbison: Steve just walked in and asked if it was Meatloaf (11:45am)
Dial: Ha! So Steve!!! (11:45am)
Boy Orbison: It was good (11:45am)
Dial: Give him a hug for me (11:51am)
Dial: Love that guy (11:51am)
Boy Orbison: He's rad (11:51am)
Boy Orbison: will do (11:52am)
Dial: Great friend (11:52am)
Boy Orbison: As always, Dial, it was a pleasure. Have a great week! (11:57am)
Dial: You, too. Thanks (12:01pm)