Chatroom History
May 25, 2018 10:00pm - 3:29am

Karen Carpenter: it is being REbroadcast on REloadio (10:04pm)
Gerald Fnord: Help, I'm being all set-about with fever trees! (10:08pm)
Karen Carpenter: adio (10:09pm)
Karen Carpenter: shit (10:09pm)
Gerald Fnord: Speaking of which, I'm quite willing to listen to 'evolutionary biology' explanations as long as they end with '...and it was just so.'. (10:10pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: See that study how octopod DNA is so different it must be alien: (10:14pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: (10:14pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: Rev. Filius (10:20pm)
Karen Carpenter: adio (10:22pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: a suite of genes inserted by extraterrestrial viruses (10:22pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: shock (10:23pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: the (10:23pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: primate (10:23pm)
Karen Carpenter: (10:23pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: hey that worked but reloadio still isn't stereo (10:25pm)
Karen Carpenter: wot? (10:25pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: compare RV and reloadio in headphones (10:25pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: reloadio no sound right (10:25pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: sounded great a few weeks ago... (10:26pm)
Dr. Penny: Volts for primates. (10:28pm)
listeners : aren't conclusive (10:29pm)
Karen Carpenter: I have stereo (10:29pm)
Karen Carpenter: chekced and double checked (10:29pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: John Streeter Manifold, Dr. Hal (10:29pm)
Rev. Filius Knoll: huh you using itunes stream? (10:30pm)
Karen Carpenter: anyway, Sarah and I are going to go live and play with her college cassettes. (10:30pm)
Dr. Penny: Lost world: Lost in San Francisco (10:30pm)
Karen Carpenter: more fun (10:31pm)
keep : rocking (10:32pm)
Rachel Dolezal: Black comedy. (10:33pm)
Michael Peppe: When do I get to talk about dinosaurs? (10:34pm)
Michael Peppe: Huh? (10:34pm)
Rachel Dolezal: I want to marry you, Michael Peppe. (10:35pm)
Michael Peppe: Who are you? (10:36pm)
Rachel Dolezal: Your future wife. (10:36pm)
Michael Peppe: Ugh. (10:36pm)
Michael Peppe: No way. (10:36pm)
Rachel Dolezal: We can have sex all day and night. (10:36pm)
Michael Peppe: Hmmmm. (10:36pm)
Michael Peppe: What do you look like? (10:37pm)
Rachel Dolezal: Black. (10:37pm)
Rachel Dolezal: Like me? (10:37pm)
Michael Peppe: And what else? (10:37pm)
Rachel Dolezal: A dinosaur. (10:38pm)
Michael Peppe: That%u2019s oblique. What dino? (10:38pm)
Rachel Dolezal: A hairy, black dinosaur. (10:38pm)
Michael Peppe: -ignore- (10:39pm)
Rachel Dolezal: hmmph. (10:40pm)
Rachel Dolezal: You're no fun. (10:40pm)
Karen Hairpinter: I have a wholesale dinosaur. (10:40pm)
Michael Peppe: Hal, why do you allow this stupid chat? (10:41pm)
Karen Carpenter: (10:41pm)
Rev. Filius: MOSTLY stupid (10:41pm)
its like: you're already married (10:41pm)
Hairy Black Dinosaur: I was once a dinosaur. (10:41pm)
Hairy Hyrax: Kiss me, Peppe. (10:42pm)
Hairy Hyrax: It takes one to knoll one. (10:42pm)
Dr. Penny: Peppe pecked with kisses. (10:42pm)
Hairy Black Dinosaur: A Peeny for your fraughts. (10:43pm)
Hairy Hyrax: Lick my hairy hyrax hole. (10:43pm)
Hairy Hyrax: Whole hole. (10:43pm)
GoR: Hi (10:43pm)
Hairy Black Dinosaur: A (10:43pm)
Hairy Black Dinosaur: Penny (10:43pm)
Hairy Black Dinosaur: For (10:43pm)
Hairy Black Dinosaur: Your (10:43pm)
Hairy Black Dinosaur: Fraughts. (10:44pm)
Hairy Hyrax: Puzzling Evidence, Peppe and Jett? (10:44pm)
Hairy Hyrax: Coming in? (10:44pm)
Hairy Hyrax: When?!?!??? (10:44pm)
John Norman: You rang? (10:45pm)
Hairy Hyrax: What does a dinosaur fart sound like, Dr. Hal? (10:45pm)
Dr. Penny: The titano whole hole (10:45pm)
Clickbate: Masterbate (10:45pm)
Master Battey: The milkman always rings twice. (10:46pm)
Hairy Hyrax: Milf is a natural blond. (10:46pm)
Hairy Hyrax: Rachel Dolezal, are you a milf? (10:46pm)
Rachel Dolezal: No. (10:47pm)
Blue Whales: have blue balls. (10:47pm)
Blue Whales: Blow whole whales. (10:47pm)
Curator: My museum, my exhibit, my chicks. Get off! (10:49pm)
Enormous Animal: A hollow type? (10:51pm)
Enormous Animal: What is a hollow type? (10:51pm)
Rev. Filius: You scared away Peppe you seat sniffing badger baiter! (10:51pm)
Enormous Animal: What does a hollow type? (10:51pm)
Dr. Penny: bone whistles (10:51pm)
Enormous Animal: Why does a hollow type? (10:52pm)
Curator: Winter bone whistles. (10:52pm)
Curator: While they work. (10:52pm)
Michael Peppe Imposter: No she did not! I am here! (10:53pm)
Curator: We have a volcanic ashtray here on display. (10:53pm)
Michael Peppe Imposter: Is kRoB there in the studio? (10:54pm)
Michael Peppe Imposter: Does he have the kissoff app? (10:54pm)
Curator: Seat-sniffing Badger Baiter (10:55pm)
Curator: You forgot the hyphen, Filius. (10:55pm)
Curator: We have a seat-sniffing badger baiter here in the museum. (10:56pm)
Curator: Stuffed. (10:56pm)
Curator: A stuffed seat-sniffing badger baiter. (10:56pm)
Curator: And blue whale blue balls. (10:56pm)
Curator: Frozen. (10:56pm)
Curator: And wrapped in plastic. (10:57pm)
Dr. Penny: Rachel D. us his kissy app. (10:57pm)
Curator: $20 admission on holidays. (10:57pm)
Curator: Children under 10 get in free. (10:57pm)
Curator: But they don't get out. (10:57pm)
Michael Peppe Imposter: Hear me? (10:58pm)
Curator: Mo. (10:58pm)
Curator: No. (10:58pm)
Curator: No mo, slo mo, Mo Pee. (10:58pm)
Dr. Penny: dino fart scented chairs available at the gift shop (10:58pm)
Curator: Exit through the gift shop. (10:59pm)
Rev. Filius: The stations were playing each other. (11:00pm)
Curator: What's the phone number at Radio Valencia? (11:00pm)
Michael Peppe Imposter: No phone. (11:00pm)
Rev. Filius: 415-962-7979 (11:00pm)
415-962-7979: Call me! (11:01pm)
415-962-7979: contact the do-ocracy (11:01pm)
415-962-7979: Three-way me! (11:01pm)
Rev. Filius: Peppe isn't actually there lol (11:01pm)
415-962-7979: With Rachel Dolezal! (11:01pm)
415-962-7979: Baby! (11:01pm)
415-962-7979: Menage menagerie! (11:01pm)
Rev. Filius: WHERE IS PEPPE REALLY? (11:02pm)
415-962-7979: Call him. (11:02pm)
415-962-7979: <<<<< (11:02pm)
415-962-7979: >>>>> (11:02pm)
415-962-7979: <<<<<< (11:02pm)
415-962-7979: >>>>>> (11:02pm)
Rev. Filius: ^ failed musician (11:03pm)
415-962-7979: Makin waves on Hal%u2019s chat line. (11:03pm)
Curator: WTF "Hal%u2019s "? (11:03pm)
Curator: Huh? (11:03pm)
the radio valencia equivalent: of airwaves (11:03pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: Tonite's Episode -- Ninja Buskers In Love -- Street singer-assassins find redemption inoxytocin and beta-phenethylamine (11:04pm)
Curator: Phenethylamines! I want some right now. (11:05pm)
Rev. Filius: I'll have what he's having (11:05pm)
Taffy Lewis: Stay outta my bar. (11:05pm)
Rev. Filius: I'm the DJ! (11:06pm)
Rev. Filius: This is my bedroom! (11:07pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: when is Mr Peppy ever funny, and how? (11:08pm)
MD MDMA: Doctor in the house? (11:08pm)
Dr. Penny: Time control with Peppe's ipod (11:08pm)
MD MDMA: And how! (11:08pm)
MD MDMA: Dead air. (11:08pm)
Rachel Dolezal: Dead Hair (11:09pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: bald air (11:09pm)
MD MDMA: What ever happened to Dr. Fiasco? (11:09pm)
Dr. Penny: He had a baby. (11:09pm)
Rachel Dolezal: Peppe, was as good for you as it was for me? (11:09pm)
MD MDMA: Brazilian Breech Birth? (11:10pm)
MD MDMA: Beach birth? (11:10pm)
MD MDMA: Bleach birth? (11:10pm)
MD MDMA: Bleach breath? (11:10pm)
MD MDMA: Bletch breath? (11:10pm)
Dr. Penny: One more astronaut, into the breach. (11:11pm)
MD MDMA: Beatch birth breath? (11:11pm)
MD MDMA: Beach nuts. (11:11pm)
MD MDMA: My beach. (11:11pm)
MD MDMA: My nuts. (11:11pm)
MD MDMA: My wave. (11:11pm)
MD MDMA: Get off! (11:11pm)
Rachel Dolezal: A Penny for your Peppes. (11:11pm)
Rachel Dolezal: Cheetah was a chimp. (11:12pm)
MD MDMA: Take me, I'm yours. (11:13pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: take yourself, Rx (11:13pm)
Paisano Pete: beepbeeep (11:13pm)
Rev. Filius: ME first! (11:13pm)
Rachel Dolezal: If those boys are not coming in, I am turning off this show. (11:15pm)
Paisano Pete: Fuck you, Rachel. (11:15pm)
Paisano Pete: You and your fake frizzy hair. (11:15pm)
MD MDMA: Chicken John in Ohio? (11:16pm)
MD MDMA: My beach! (11:16pm)
MD MDMA: My wave! (11:16pm)
MD MDMA: My cheeks! (11:16pm)
MD MDMA: Get off! (11:16pm)
MD MDMA: Get out! (11:16pm)
MD MDMA: Help! (11:17pm)
MD MDMA: Help! (11:17pm)
MD MDMA: Help! (11:17pm)
MD MDMA: I (11:17pm)
MD MDMA: 'm (11:17pm)
MD MDMA: losi (11:17pm)
MD MDMA: ng (11:17pm)
MD MDMA: my m (11:17pm)
MD MDMA: ind (11:17pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: please phuque off for a while (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: how long? (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: is a w (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: hile? (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: how (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: how whow (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: whwhhw (11:18pm)
Rev. Filius: Mod! (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: what's a phuque> (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: anyway? (11:18pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: u troll (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: huha.? (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: hahauhuh? (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: u troll (11:18pm)
Rev. Filius: WHOLE SHOW IN MONO (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: there (11:18pm)
MD MDMA: please phu phu phu (11:19pm)
MD MDMA: pu pu pu (11:19pm)
MD MDMA: puurty please (11:19pm)
MD MDMA: [llllatrollalalttalloolololllolololo . (11:19pm)
MD MDMA: tralalalalolololol (11:19pm)
MD MDMA: take that! (11:19pm)
Rev. Filius: It has all the same power digitally, Dr. Hal. (11:20pm)
Rev. Filius: Think you're lonely Dr. Hal I'm all alone in this chat (11:27pm)
Rev. Filius: Thank you for Ulysses (11:28pm)
Karen Carpenter: REloadio has more live talent than RV now (11:50pm)
Rev. Filius: prove it (11:51pm)
Dr. Penny: Shows within shows within shows within shows (11:52pm)
Rev. Filius: I AM UNDRESSING NOW (11:55pm)
Gerald Fnord: Uggh...they eat their talent _alive_?! (11:55pm)
Dr. Penny: The addiction of Rachel D. (11:56pm)
Gerald Fnord: Tales of Blade, Ulysses/How his nekkid years were tortious (11:57pm)
Rev. Filius: Buddha had the right idea? (11:58pm)
Rev. Filius: "I don't make disciples, I make Gurus." (11:59pm)
Rev. Filius: - Peppe (12:00am)
Gerald Fnord: By the Syrenes' leetly slinging (12:00am)
Rev. Filius: Also, it's mono. (12:01am)
Gerald Fnord: Yes, all his disciples insisted that he had said that. (12:01am)
Rev. Filius: Raaaaaayyyydeeeeeoooo (12:02am)
Karen Carpenter: RELOADIO QUICK LINKS * Winamp, iTunes, VLC * Windows Media Player * Real Player * QuickTime Also, a modicum of listener interaction is available through the listener's web browser: (which is the same as adio) (12:04am)
Karen Carpenter: shit (12:04am)
Dr. Penny: (12:06am)
Rev. Filius: Never get tired of gravity. (12:07am)
Pfooter Showe: Without a nosey hairy flint land (12:24am)
Click here to login..., man: Ok? (12:25am)
Rev. Filius: 2muchshow4me (12:25am)
Click here to login..., man: So, Lego. (12:27am)
Karen Carpenter: (12:27am)
Rev. Filius: Request a song (12:28am)
Click here to login..., man: bit.lovey.3IyvBEU (12:28am)
Karen Carpenter: Jarico playing Dead Man records, Sarah playing her college cassettes, J.C. playing the unlabeled CDs KrOB left for me (12:28am)
Click here to login..., man: Who The Show Had Sex With Before Xmas (12:29am)
Rev. Filius: RV froze? (12:29am)
Karen Carpenter: then try REloadio (12:29am)
Click here to login..., man: Izzit? (12:29am)
Karen Carpenter: we will play an old Ask Dr Hal show for you! (12:29am)
Rev. Filius: RadioValenica stream down (12:29am)
Click here to login..., man: then try not to. (12:30am)
vj pussycat: hi jett (12:30am)
Myself: I canot here me (12:31am)
Dr. Penny: The stream is working for me. (12:31am)
Myself: I cane know (12:31am)
Rev. Filius: ok works now (12:32am)
Myself: Swim, Baby, Swim!!!!!!!! (12:32am)
Rev. Filius: it's a party (12:32am)
Myself: SubGenius Beach Party!!! (12:33am)
Myself: Where'@s Janor??? (12:33am)
Myself: Here Show Now? (12:33am)
Myself: And Now? (12:33am)
SIT: Down! (12:34am)
Showness: What a Sub Gunus Sparty!!!! (12:36am)
Showness: Where's kRoB? (12:37am)
Showness: Is this his hard drive at the station?! (12:38am)
puzzling: never picked him up (12:38am)
Showness: I went by and knocked...izz 'e there? (12:39am)
Showness: We can fly in his psyche (12:39am)
twiggy: knockers (12:40am)
Showness: Is this the Blake Drive of kraB?! (12:41am)
Rev. Filius: Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. (12:41am)
twiggy: piff lunch (12:42am)
twiggy: udder flint (12:42am)
Ordinary: ideas of the times (12:45am)
click: the rack (12:47am)
Dead Hair: I am quiet. (12:50am)
hair app: errand (12:52am)
turn hals microphone: way way up (12:53am)
Ordinary: Pee Wee Chloroform Playhouse (12:53am)
Rev. Filius: we all pee wees? (12:53am)
his guests and music: are drowning him out (12:53am)
Rev. Filius: yes please turn Dr. Hal's mike way up more (12:54am)
GoR: reloadio (12:54am)
Rev. Filius: flaming hot mics mmm (12:55am)
if you can't: turn it up.. then just scream as if covering the distance without electricity (12:57am)
show's: over anyway (12:57am)
vj pussycat: two minutes to aftershow (12:58am)
listeners: will never know the difference without patriotism and robodj (1:00am)
vj pussycat: glue em up with the glitter glue (1:01am)
Karen Carpenter: the 4 of us here at REloadio are wondering if you want to have a stream fight (1:06am)
vj pussycat: do it (1:06am)
GoR: we have been (1:07am)
GoR: you are late (1:07am)
vj pussycat: oh i already have both on (1:08am)
Ordinary: Show is better than no (1:08am)
vj pussycat: you're in the future (1:08am)
vj pussycat: i got my own home automation goin on (1:10am)
vj pussycat: i forgot i turned y'all down a bit ago (1:11am)
vj pussycat: i think peppe took off his headphones (1:11am)
vj pussycat: sorry (1:11am)
Record Player: It is quiter at RV.FM (1:11am)
vj pussycat: yikes (1:12am)
Record Player: had sex with EVERYONE!!!! (1:12am)
vj pussycat: this is difficult to listen simultaneously. can't puzzling meld it together or something (1:13am)
vj pussycat: you sell water, right (1:14am)
Puzzling Evidence: Yes, But We won't. (1:14am)
vj pussycat: ok (1:14am)
vj pussycat: thx anyway (1:14am)
Puzzling Evidence: Pain Check. (1:15am)
vj pussycat: or a bedbug (1:15am)
peons links: tuna meld (1:15am)
vj pussycat: insects killed my eaglets today (1:15am)
Puzzling Evidence: More Pain Check. (1:18am)
little crawler : no regrets (1:18am)
Puzzling Evidence: They also killed Spider # 16. (1:18am)
vj pussycat: dr hal wants to know if y'all have a poster for some thing (1:19am)
vj pussycat: are y'all listening to dr hal (1:19am)
Karen Carpenter: a water poster? (1:19am)
Philip K. Dick: yeah (1:19am)
Karen Carpenter: yes.. yes we do (1:20am)
vj pussycat: not sure what he said it was for - something jett brought - it was your event (1:20am)
vj pussycat: who is spider # 16? (1:21am)
Robert Anton Wilson: it comes in waves (1:21am)
little crawler : its your shoe (1:22am)
The Buhhduh: You are you show (1:23am)
Rev. Filius: Stop the bus! (1:26am)
vj pussycat: cool (1:28am)
Rev. Filius: Surely some revelation is at hand (1:28am)
Dead Hair: Here me. (1:28am)
The Buhhduh: Did Nose Har Rint Grand Go? (1:30am)
vj pussycat: i still hear music but no goldies (1:31am)
Karen Carpenter: we are here (1:33am)
GoR: I am goldie (1:33am)
vj pussycat: i figured maybe in kitchen (1:33am)
GoR: we're just lazy (1:38am)
vj pussycat: me too (1:38am)
vj pussycat: he was just talking about closing up (1:39am)
Rev. Filius: dubblespeak (1:39am)
vj pussycat: pete wants all y'all to come over there (1:40am)
vj pussycat: hamsters (1:40am)
Rev. Filius: i want a divorce (1:41am)
vj pussycat: chip will be implanted (1:42am)
vj pussycat: so you can't lose your id (1:43am)
vj pussycat: easier said than done (1:44am)
vj pussycat: betamax (1:48am)
Dr. Penny: conspiracy delusions of identity (1:55am)
vj pussycat: air mail special (1:56am)
Karen Carpenter: I shall break into RV (2:01am)
vj pussycat: do it (2:02am)
Rev. Filius: DO IT (2:03am)
vj pussycat: hack the kiss app (2:03am)
Karen Carpenter: Puzz isn't even listening (2:03am)
vj pussycat: i think he's sleeping (2:03am)
Karen Carpenter: (I have that phrase on a hot ke) (2:03am)
vj pussycat: lol (2:03am)
Karen Carpenter: Puzz isn't even listening (2:04am)
Karen Carpenter: Puzz isn't even listening (2:04am)
Karen Carpenter: Puzz isn't even listening (2:04am)
vj pussycat: hey wait - i can hear both thru reloadio now (2:05am)
vj pussycat: pete your levels too low (2:06am)
vj pussycat: please boost gain (2:07am)
Rev. Filius: lol (2:09am)
vj pussycat: stop flailing (2:10am)
vj pussycat: what are you talking about peppe? he loves military stuff like bubbleheads and flyers (2:12am)
vj pussycat: ask him about chief cox (2:12am)
Rev. Filius: Love the tongs (2:14am)
vj pussycat: that makes 2x peppe, you did not read the chat (2:17am)
vj pussycat: reloadio had dr hal mixed in (2:17am)
The Goldie Dawn: caw (2:18am)
dj pussychat: Read the fuggin chat, Peepeepoooeeee. (2:18am)
vj pussycat: yea (2:19am)
dj pussychat: Eschaton vs Apocalypse (2:19am)
vj pussycat: there is this (2:20am)
dj pussychat: reloadio goves me gas (2:20am)
vj pussycat: that's cool cuz gas prices are goin up (2:20am)
Puzzlngm Evidence: Im doinG OwN Show. This guys talk two muk (2:26am)
Puzzlngm Evidence: But M Peppe can be funnys (2:27am)
Rev. Filius: I Am Laughing LoudLy (2:28am)
vj pussycat: peppe = complete entertainment (2:28am)
Puzzlngm Evidence: Sweet CreaMs r Made fpRor this (2:29am)
2x Peppe: Too much os betterthan not e-naut. (2:29am)
Puzzling Evidenve: I'm in your basement (2:29am)
Click here to KISI me out!: TONIGHT!!!! (2:30am)
2x Peppe: Gaaaaa (2:30am)
2x Peppe: Drunk (2:30am)
Click here to KISI me out!: and they're given away tickets!!!!!! (2:30am)
2x Peppe: Gaaaaa (2:30am)
Gaaaaa: 2x Peppe (2:30am)
Gaaaaa: Kipp my ass. (2:31am)
Gaaaaa: Kiss my app. (2:31am)
Rev. Filius: DO YOU EVEN RADIO? (2:31am)
vj pussycat: why isn't peppe reading chat (2:33am)
vj pussycat: i guess that's it til next time (2:34am)
Rev. Filius: HARE KRISHNA (2:36am)