Chatroom History
May 29, 2018 10:00pm - 12:29am

justin: thank you!! that was v fun. passing off the reigns to paul (10:05pm)
Dial: Hey Hey, Paulitics! (10:08pm)
Dial: Drink up, for sure. Cheers! (10:09pm)
Dial: It was 100 here yesterday. Boo. So, the whiskey is definitely over rocks tonight, my friend! (10:13pm)
DJ Paulitics: Cheeers, Dial!!!!! (10:20pm)
Dial: When you visit here and we drink with the locals... (10:20pm)
Dial: Get ready for some Rumpleminze. Ouchie... (10:21pm)
DJ Paulitics: We'll get Rumpleminze crazy. But I have to lay down the whole day afterwards... We'll do it for a good cause though.... Y'know,... for the kids..... (10:25pm)
Dial: Worst headache ever...but, definitely worth it for the kids. (10:29pm)
Dial: My teeth hurt just thinking about it. (10:30pm)
DJ Paulitics: Hahahaha! (10:35pm)
Dial: Syrup for the drinking soul. (10:41pm)
DJ Paulitics: How are the ladies treatin' you, Dial? (10:47pm)
Dial: It was a long winter...spring turned into summer pretty quick! (10:52pm)
Dial: Just sayin (10:53pm)
Dial: The natives have been restless... (11:02pm)
Dial: Digging the groove tunes! (11:07pm)
DJ Paulitics: Haaha... I know what you mean.... Everything in its own time.... I've seen the future and we're all gonna be on a beach one day with gallons of Pina Colada's.... Everybody will be in love ...and racism will end forever... It will be amazing.... and the bad man will go away.... (11:09pm)
Dial: I am not a man of prayer... (11:10pm)
Dial: But AMEN, my good man! (11:10pm)
DJ Paulitics: I you'll be jammin' for the kidz next hour, Dial..... (11:15pm)
Dial: Wish I could be sipping a Mexican cerveza with you and getting ready to roll on for some trippy tunes. (11:27pm)
Dial: Guess I could throw something together. Was hoping you would just stay late. (11:28pm)
DJ Paulitics: Ah,... I gotta do stuff like cure cancer and rescue babies..... but, if you so inspired, play some music for world poverty... (11:33pm)
justin: hell yah love that japanese city pop (11:36pm)
DJ Paulitics: It's the truth! (11:39pm)
Dial: May jump on later. But, gotta take the dog out after your show. She has been extremely patient. (11:53pm)
Dial: Quadology? (11:54pm)
Dial: I grew up eating quahogs. That works, too (11:55pm)