Chatroom History
May 23, 2018 8:00pm - 10:29pm

magdalena: nice sound (8:06pm)
magdalena: erin you have a nice voice (8:08pm)
erin eyesore: hey thank you magdalena!! (8:11pm)
magdalena: i am with kcsf radio at city college of san francisco (8:11pm)
erin eyesore: oh hell yeah, welcome to the chatbox! (8:14pm)
erin eyesore: i'm doing the niche show of female-fronted new wave that tries to be tribal/tropical/etc haha (8:14pm)
magdalena: if you ever are interested in sending something to us to upload on our radio station, you can email me at (9:05pm)
erin eyesore: rad. thanks dear! (9:07pm)
magdalena: anytime i love your sound (9:09pm)
Dj Rocky: Is that toya Wilcox on the photo? (9:25pm)
erin eyesore: yes! exactly (9:26pm)
magdalena: that is a beautiful picture hi dj rocky (9:28pm)
Dj Rocky: I'm (9:30pm)
Dj Rocky: From the uk. She was a thing when I was a youngster lol (9:30pm)
Dj Rocky: Hi magdelana! (9:31pm)
magdalena: what's happening (9:32pm)
magdalena: were you there on sunday at the parking lot i met one of your dj tere (9:33pm)
erin eyesore: we were both there on sunday!! <3 (9:33pm)
magdalena: i said hi to someone through the gate while I was walking up the street it was great meeting all of you (9:34pm)
erin eyesore: aw that's so nice! you are welcome to come check out the broadcast space sometime! (9:36pm)
magdalena: love too (9:38pm)
magdalena: just email me about when (9:39pm)
erin eyesore: will do! (9:40pm)
magdalena: thanks (9:41pm)
magdalena: dj rocky we do have a turntable for the summer we will not be at the station but again in the fall live (9:42pm)
magdalena: in the meantime if you want to send anything to my email address we can hook it up live stream (9:43pm)
magdalena: take care erin and great music love (9:59pm)
magdalena: radio sutro you rock people (10:03pm)