Chatroom History
June 3, 2018 2:00pm - 4:29pm

Dial: Stoners!!! Yes. Finally, Malderor! (2:11pm)
Boy Orbison: hello, d-a-s. (2:14pm)
malderor: oops, that was me.,\ (2:15pm)
Dial: No problem here. Just save the unused portion of your gummies... (2:31pm)
Dial: Which there will be none of! (2:32pm)
Dial: Did I just hear another alarm go off? Time to redose! (2:32pm)
malderor: no (2:37pm)
Dial: Stop fighting it (2:43pm)
malderor: that was the alarm just now (2:55pm)
Dial: Let me know when round 2 kicks in (3:19pm)
malderor: did you hear how long we talked? (3:21pm)
malderor: signs point to (3:21pm)
malderor: "it kicked in." (3:21pm)
Dial: Roll with it, my friend! (3:28pm)
Dial: guys were definitely chatty. (3:29pm)