Chatroom History
May 28, 2018 8:00pm - 10:30pm

John Hell: When will this song end? (8:01pm)
John Hell: I don't like cutting songs off (8:01pm)
Dial: Little over 3 minutes (8:02pm)
Dial: I agree with you. Only put this on for a long jam you could cut into (8:03pm)
John Hell: Do your math. HA! (8:03pm)
Dial: Under 2 minutes now (8:03pm)
Dial: I'm just happy you're there! Everyone took the holiday off (8:05pm)
John Hell: i notived (8:05pm)
Dial: I tried my best. (8:10pm)
Dial: It is a day to celebrate (8:11pm)
magdalena: hi love your show tonight i am with kcsf radio city college of san francisco we would all love to visit your radio station maybe during the summer (8:45pm)
John Hell: Email me at (8:47pm)
John Hell: I'm co-founder of RV (8:47pm)
John Hell: Got my BECA degree at SFSU (8:47pm)
Dial: Contact through the website and someone will definitely show you around! (8:48pm)
John Hell: I can give you all the background on how we started (8:48pm)
magdalena: congrats on our beca degree (8:53pm)
magdalena: I am the vice president of the bema radio club (8:53pm)
magdalena: at ccsf our website is live 365 kcsf radio (8:54pm)
magdalena: can i have your email again it disappeared on this chat (8:54pm)
magdalena: found it again will email you (8:57pm)
John Hell: great (8:58pm)
John Hell: i'll look for it. (8:58pm)
John Hell: My buddy Misha teaches audio for video at CCSF (8:59pm)
magdalena: that is great. Misha is part of our bema club. I can get your an invite I will make sure you get in our group easily (9:00pm)
magdalena: thanks for the shout out (9:03pm)
John Hell: you got it (9:05pm)
magdalena: that was so sweet sent you an email (9:06pm)
magdalena: being the co founder of radio valencia is exciting (9:06pm)
magdalena: i am one of the people who helped start up our radio station again (9:07pm)
John Hell: nice (9:08pm)
magdalena: toni is our president nik is our scheduler and (9:11pm)
magdalena: and felix who use to be at beca is our engineer. my raido show is black towns usa (9:12pm)
magdalena: love your variety of music (9:13pm)
John Hell: thanks (9:15pm)
John Hell: Whatever I'm in the mood for. Sometimes I have a theme (9:15pm)
magdalena: i am glda you went through beca when did you graduate going through ccsf bema program (9:24pm)
John Hell: 2000 i started late. I was already in radio since 1988 KFJC (88-97) (9:26pm)
magdalena: that is great we maybe the same age (9:27pm)
magdalena: i am new to radio but i have a degree in computer technology and science and am a performance artist (9:27pm)
magdalena: and now a radio announcer (9:27pm)
John Hell: That's excellent. I'm a high school teacher by day (9:28pm)
magdalena: that is wonderful we had our frisco day a couple of weeks ago at ccsf and we distributed alot of our flyers. it was for san francisco unified (9:30pm)
John Hell: A lot of my kids were there for that (9:33pm)
magdalena: we were there as well did you go as well (9:35pm)
John Hell: i did not. Counselors take the kids to that. (9:37pm)
magdalena: ok it was a great event. is that true about the plane thing (9:38pm)
magdalena: joan baez (9:40pm)
John Hell: Joni Mitchell (9:41pm)
John Hell: The plan thing may or may not be true (9:41pm)
John Hell: You'll have to ask my friend Daimo (9:42pm)
magdalena: ok how do i get in touch daimo to plan to see you all (9:43pm)
John Hell: HA! I believe he's currently residing in Columbia (9:44pm)
magdalena: are you referring myself contacting your office (9:44pm)
John Hell: ??? (9:44pm)
magdalena: this is a great jam (9:44pm)
magdalena: no felix is at ccsf (9:44pm)
magdalena: how do i get in couch with daimo (9:44pm)
John Hell: I don't even know how to get in touch with Daimo (9:49pm)
magdalena: ok you mentioned some about getting in touch daimo i think sorry if i misunderstood (9:50pm)
John Hell: Just joking around. Sorry. (9:51pm)
magdalena: ok not a problem (9:51pm)
magdalena: who is this (9:53pm)
John Hell: Thanks for chatting (9:53pm)
magdalena: anytime thanks for sharing (9:54pm)
John Hell: I've gotta run in a minute (9:54pm)
John Hell: This is Terminator X of PE (9:54pm)
magdalena: i understand (9:54pm)
magdalena: thanks (9:54pm)
magdalena: great music thanks (9:59pm)