Chatroom History
June 4, 2018 8:00pm - 10:30pm

John Hell: Hey look at that, I'm here. (8:08pm)
Dial: In the house!!! (8:12pm)
John Hell: Hell Yes! (8:17pm)
magdalema lcsf: that is great john (8:39pm)
John Hell: Thanks M (8:41pm)
John Hell: We need to make a date (8:41pm)
John Hell: I'm super busy with the end of the school year (8:42pm)
magdalema lcsf: not a problem (8:52pm)
magdalema lcsf: the next time we get access to our live studio at ccsf is in the fall (8:54pm)
magdalema lcsf: and would love to have your come up at that time (8:54pm)
John Hell: love to (8:55pm)
magdalema lcsf: in the meantime we would love to air some of your music on our radio station as well (8:55pm)
magdalema lcsf: just keep myself posted (8:55pm)
John Hell: I'm not on next Monday, but if you would like to come on with me in the future let me know (8:55pm)
magdalema lcsf: i will be here during the summer (8:55pm)
magdalema lcsf: mid adternoon is usually better for me than than the early eveinings so maybe we can arrangement for that (8:56pm)
magdalema lcsf: or if you know some other person on your staff that is usually around iin the mid afternoon just let me know. I know sat afternoon I can stop after one thirty (8:57pm)
John Hell: I'll put it out there. (8:58pm)
magdalema lcsf: thanks I do appreciate it. good luck to you (8:59pm)
Dial: Set that date!!! (9:00pm)
magdalema lcsf: ok you are on just keep me posted (9:03pm)
John Hell: Groovy (9:03pm)
magdalema lcsf: now that is my generation for sure (9:03pm)
Dial: Great Hawkwind call, John!!! (9:03pm)
magdalema lcsf: ok (9:05pm)
magdalema lcsf: magdalena kcsf (9:10pm)
magdalema lcsf: thanks (9:19pm)
magdalema lcsf: you have a great voice (9:28pm)
John Hell: Thanks so kindly (9:29pm)
magdalema lcsf: you are welcome you have a lot of experience (9:30pm)
magdalema lcsf: by the way what kind of software do you use for chatting anyway (9:30pm)
magdalema lcsf: what do you think about the mayor's race (9:31pm)
Dial: Is the race going the right way? No coverage here. (9:34pm)
John Hell: I live in Berkeley now, so I'm paying a lot less attention to it (9:34pm)
John Hell: I would probably have voted for Jane Kim and Mark Leno however (9:35pm)
John Hell: I'm not certain about how the website works beyond it being Wordpress (9:35pm)
Dial: And it doesnt always allow apostrophes. Seems to hate them. (9:37pm)
Dial: Apostrophes are important. Let%u2019s try. (9:38pm)
Dial: Nope! There is the nonsense. We run a tight ship, always!!! (9:38pm)
magdalema lcsf: fully understand (9:39pm)
magdalema lcsf: john hell who do you want to run for governor (9:39pm)
John Hell: I like Chiang, but Newsome is going to win it (9:43pm)
John Hell: and you? (9:43pm)
Dial: Love me some Colosseum. Got any Atomic Rooster? (9:44pm)
Dial: And yes, they both have my vote. (9:44pm)
John Hell: i have some Arthur Brown (9:44pm)
magdalema lcsf: you are probably right (9:46pm)
magdalema lcsf: i voted tony anyway (9:46pm)
magdalema lcsf: who is arthus brown (9:46pm)
magdalema lcsf: arthur brown sorry about that (9:47pm)
Dial: Nice!!! (9:47pm)
Dial: The God of Hellfire! (9:49pm)
magdalema lcsf: i think i got it thanks (9:50pm)
magdalema lcsf: i figured out what song you are playing thanks (9:51pm)
John Hell: sure sure (9:51pm)
John Hell: I don't always have my eyes on this page. sorry (9:51pm)
magdalema lcsf: not a problem (9:51pm)
Dial: Super Show 69! (9:56pm)
magdalema lcsf: thanks for the history dial (9:57pm)
Dial: Stay tuned, Magdalema! (9:57pm)
John Hell: HA! (9:58pm)
John Hell: Chat at ya all soon (9:58pm)
magdalema lcsf: thanks guys (9:58pm)
magdalema lcsf: great show (9:58pm)
John Hell: Thanks a million! (9:59pm)
Dial: Cheers, John! (9:59pm)
magdalema lcsf: back at you dial (9:59pm)
magdalema lcsf: do you guys like fela kuti (9:59pm)
Dial: Definitely. I try to learn about music every day. (10:01pm)
Dial: Was he a favorite of yours? (10:01pm)
magdalema lcsf: if you can play him sometime that would be great (10:01pm)
magdalema lcsf: yes (10:01pm)
Dial: My show is pretty wide open. Let me know if you tune in and I can certainly play him. (10:02pm)
magdalema lcsf: hi sex cels I am also a sexual health educator (10:02pm)
Dial: I love requests (10:02pm)
magdalema lcsf: that sound great when are you on the air next (10:02pm)
Dial: Well, I have a home studio. Did my show 4-6 today already. (10:03pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Hey Sex C People (10:03pm)
Dial: But, sometimes I jump on after Miss Kae. (10:03pm)
magdalema lcsf: ok i usually do not listen to the radio at that time but I will try to make an exception (10:04pm)
Dial: Hey there, Kae!!! (10:04pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Hey Dial A Shot (10:04pm)
magdalema lcsf: ok i will try to listen to you after midnight on my home computer if it works there I use linux (10:04pm)
Dial: Digging this tune to get things going! (10:04pm)
magdalema lcsf: hey miss kay (10:04pm)
magdalema lcsf: magdalena with kcsf radio (10:05pm)
magdalema lcsf: got to go soon but thanks (10:05pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Hey Magdalema (10:05pm)
Dial: Just go to and hit play. You should be good to go. (10:06pm)
Dial: Are you listening through a phone? (10:07pm)
Dial: Spiritual by Bror is beautiful, Kae! (10:09pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Thanks! (10:09pm)
Dial: And Anders just always brings it! (10:15pm)