Chatroom History
June 8, 2018 10:00am - 10:32am

Dial: Friday morning is here! (10:03am)
J'iiA!!: mothafuckin' Faco in tha house (10:03am)
itsfaco: wassup Dial (10:07am)
itsfaco: sup J'iiA!! (10:07am)
itsfaco: shouts (10:08am)
itsfaco: out (10:08am)
itsfaco: to (10:08am)
itsfaco: all (10:08am)
J'iiA!!: can you hook me up with a song dude? (10:16am)
itsfaco: go (10:19am)
itsfaco: for (10:19am)
itsfaco: it (10:19am)
J'iiA!!: Tipe-X- Bernyanyi (10:24am)