Chatroom History
June 10, 2018 6:00pm - 8:28pm

Erik: We will be with you shortly, please hold (6:01pm)
Kevin: Cool whip in her hair... (6:17pm)
A Snake A Snack: Rats are very smart. (6:20pm)
A Snake A Snack: They are trained to look for land mines in parts of Africa. (6:20pm)
Eamon: Music news: (6:27pm)
Cory: Subhumans - Rats is a good album (7:01pm)
Cory: Whoa Eamon thats crazy (7:02pm)
AlodoesDishes: Hiiii (7:05pm)
Kevin: A very well lit full frontal of a drunk Ms. Lane (7:25pm)
Kevin: Warlock 3 has some bondage in it but I can%u2019t otherwise recommend. (7:38pm)
ChadStacie: That necrophagist album that has been in the making for over a decade. (7:40pm)
Root Beer Thief: 1964 Japanese film Frankenstein vs. Godzilla (7:41pm)
ChadStacie: Assfactor 4 discography (7:44pm)
Al's Dad: Swami Mommy!: Comanche Moon is one of my favorite novels. (7:46pm)
ChadStacie: The Dalton follow up album (7:47pm)
ChadStacie: Siqqs minutes? (7:54pm)
ChadStacie: Juggalo services? (7:56pm)
ChadStacie: I miss Peter sleeping on the couch (7:59pm)
Kevin: Yippekaye (7:59pm)