Chatroom History
June 12, 2018 10:00pm - 12:26am

Dial: Tuesday means a trip around the world. Possibly twice. Cheers! (10:07pm)
Paulitics: Tuesday night means Dial is locked in and clocked in!! (10:21pm)
Dial: I chain myself to the couch with the show cranked... (10:27pm)
Dial: But, pretty easy to pick the lock. In case I need a cocktail! (10:28pm)
Paulitics: real talk (10:34pm)
Dial: Speaking of... (10:42pm)
Dial: Uh oh. We lost you, brother P!?!? (11:02pm)
Paulitics: We had a mishap. but were back (11:21pm)
Dial: Be careful, my world traveler! (11:30pm)
Dial: You pick the time. Rum sounds great. My drinking pants are permanently painted on! (11:32pm)
Dial: In fact I just said fuck it, and had them tattooed on in Jamaica. Why not? (11:35pm)
Paulitics: god to go (11:52pm)
Dial: Extra side of fries with that god to go! (11:54pm)