Chatroom History
June 17, 2018 2:00pm - 4:29pm

Dj Rocky: Hey guys! I%u2019m all tuned in (2:59pm)
Dial: Sounds like you boys had a busy Friday. Hey guys! (2:59pm)
Dj Rocky: Feeling like the chatterbox punishes people for trying to be grammatically correct (2:59pm)
malderor: hello, all. (3:00pm)
malderor: what was friday? (3:00pm)
Dial: Thought you said lord of the zings and your DJ night? (3:02pm)
Dial: No sweat. I remember my early years with edibles!!! Sweet. (3:05pm)
Dj Rocky: Love the darts! (3:05pm)
Dj Rocky: Met them at the elbo room. Jello Biafra was there too who is also a fan apparently (3:06pm)
malderor: i guess he signed them. (3:09pm)
Dj Rocky: ... makes sense. (3:09pm)
Dj Rocky: They like to wear black negligee onstage. Which I can totally support. (3:11pm)
malderor: could be worse, i guess. (3:22pm)
Dj Rocky: Digging these tunes, I just blazed too (3:28pm)
malderor: coupla cover versions here. (3:29pm)
Dj Rocky: Tomorrow%u2019s parties!!! I%u2019m stealing this (3:30pm)
malderor: one of these dudes used to bartend the attic, as I recall., (3:31pm)
Dj Rocky: Yeah the drummer. (3:31pm)
Dj Rocky: Feel this could be better if they didn%u2019t polish it up so much. It%u2019s tight, but then goes super cheesy. (3:41pm)
Dj Rocky: Yessir to Courtney (3:42pm)
malderor: yeah, i'm trusting it'll be a good live show, despite the new album's polish. (3:45pm)
malderor: adios, muchachos. (4:04pm)
DJ Rocky: good tunes Mald an death (4:15pm)