Chatroom History
June 19, 2018 10:00pm - 12:30am

Dial: Every night. Do it! (10:05pm)
Dial: Beers, you say?...OK... (10:06pm)
DJ Paulitics: Dial,.. I fear no beer. (10:16pm)
Dial: Unacceptable! Put on a track and make a quick run?!?! (10:18pm)
DJ Paulitics: Oh no, my good sir... I think yo may have mistaken me.... Indeed I do have plenty of beer here and now.... and I do not fear it. (10:22pm)
Dial: Oh yes, my fine sir! (10:24pm)
Dial: I was afraid you feared there was no beer. (10:24pm)
Dial: Good man! Cheers!!! (10:24pm)
DJ Paulitics: What's the beer situation with you, Dial? (10:29pm)
Dial: Always an option...! (10:30pm)
DJ Paulitics: Take the option without delay. (10:32pm)
Dial: Done and Done! (10:32pm)
Dial: Play me something for the imprisionment of babies. And, please tell me that we will do the right thing! (10:54pm)
DJ Paulitics: done and done! (10:54pm)
Dial: Thank you. I am mortified right now. (10:55pm)
Dial: Beautifully done, my good man. (10:59pm)
DJ Paulitics: Me too... Real talk. (10:59pm)
Dial: Crack an ice cold one... (11:01pm)
TinkerTheHog: Oink Oink (11:05pm)
Dial: We should do commercials together! (11:05pm)
Dial: Beer sales through the roof! (11:06pm)
DJ Paulitics: We were made fo beer commercials..! (11:11pm)
Dial: With a side of tequila... (11:15pm)
Dial: Best value? Hornitos reposado. Learned that way too many years ago. (11:21pm)
Dial: Had some Don Julio 1942 earlier. Delicious! (11:22pm)
Dial: The best tequila never even makes it here. Although I love Cabrito. Talk about a great value! Cheers!!! (11:23pm)
Dial: Go for it, P! The only spirit that is a natural upper. Agave is trippy! (11:27pm)
DJ Paulitics: Is Dial going on at 12am??.. The people want to know...?? (11:38pm)
Dial: I can. Only if you have a request!!! (11:40pm)
Dial: Man! Listen to you doing Bud ads without me. Yee Ha! (11:41pm)
Dial: It would be a great honor/pleasure to take the reins after you! (11:45pm)
Dial: Again, I need a request... (11:45pm)
Dial: Been loving the show. You always kill it, my fry! (11:45pm)
Dial: Fry? Well, that works also, friend!!! (11:46pm)
Dial: I can just hit play at 12. Still need a request!!! Sit back and crack open another! (11:52pm)
DJ Paulitics: My request... Anything old... 40;s ...50;s .... 60;s.... (11:58pm)
Dial: ok, give me a second... (12:02am)
Dial: Stay tuned, Paulitics... (12:07am)
Paulitics: Love it.... Well gonna rewind!!!! (12:13am)
Dial: Got another one on your mind? (12:15am)
Paulitics: Play some late 60's!! (12:22am)
Dial: Little bit of UFO to kick it off (12:26am)
Dial: Dust is early 70s but couldn't help myself (12:27am)