Chatroom History
June 24, 2018 10:00am - 12:30pm

Dial: You go, Boy O!!! (10:11am)
Boy Orbison: 'Morning, Dial! (10:29am)
Boy Orbison: Happy Summer! (10:29am)
Dial: Midwest happiness right back atcha! (10:48am)
Boy Orbison: Im headed to Nebraska next week to see in laws (10:57am)
Boy Orbison: it should be HOT! (10:57am)
Dial: Oooh. It has been a warm one. Lots of beautiful thunderstorms, though! (11:12am)
Boy Orbison: Im looking forward to it (11:26am)
Dial: Just NO tornadoes! (11:36am)
Boy Orbison: that would be the "authentic mid west" trip (11:37am)
Dial: Pretty awesome to witness that crazy green sky. Scary shit, though. (11:39am)
Dial: Definitely exhilarating. (11:39am)
Boy Orbison: I bet! Nothing like that out here (11:40am)
Boy Orbison: luckily (11:40am)
Boy Orbison: ....yet (11:40am)
Dial: One of the craziest feelings of calm before a storm. So wild. (11:45am)
Boy Orbison: For real! Have a good week Dial! (11:55am)