Chatroom History
June 19, 2018 6:00pm - 8:07pm

turd ferguson: just don't let them do ya dirty like rodney on the roq :) (6:46pm)
timmmii: ? (6:48pm)
timmmii: i've been here a very long time, i'll find a timeslot to my liking. it may not be right away (6:49pm)
timmmii: but i'm frustrated and realized i just can't do both in this slot (6:49pm)
turd ferguson: oh when kroq changed owners at some point they moved rodney to the 3am slot and he dutifully did it for like 10 years... because he loved music. (6:55pm)
timmmii: i would not do 3am. i have to be up every day at 6am and be to work by 9 (6:57pm)
timmmii: it'll be 8-10 or 10-12 (6:58pm)
timmmii: or i'll just continue to do shows when i can in this slot until something opens (6:58pm)
turd ferguson: yeah those times would be totally fine (6:58pm)
aryana: wait kuso and Amon Tobin are one n the same? Did I hear that right? (7:13pm)
timmmii: Cujo and Amon Tobin, yues (7:14pm)
timmmii: (7:15pm)
timmmii: hi ary (7:15pm)
turd ferguson: the sighting is pretty epic what with the easy rider samples (7:30pm)
aryana: hi timmmii (7:31pm)
aryana: this is a great track hope you do mic break soon;p (7:34pm)
aryana: so I can remember which one, little bit of a world beat with woman voice "I remember" (7:35pm)
aryana: thanks timmmii got it (7:38pm)
timmmii: which track was it (7:40pm)
aryana: blond:ish (7:40pm)
aryana: didn't catch title just (7:41pm)
timmmii: Mouth (7:42pm)
aryana: thank yee (7:43pm)
timmmii: of course :) (7:52pm)
aryana: this sweats blank is awesome (7:55pm)
aryana: oops sweatson klank (7:56pm)
little shrugger: sweatson klank aka TAKE good show this (8:05pm)