Chatroom History
June 26, 2018 6:00pm - 8:02pm

turd ferguson: oh darn... in LA again and forgot to tune in till now! (7:15pm)
timmmii: s'ok (7:15pm)
timmmii: hallo (7:15pm)
timmmii: i got a late start, 630pm (7:15pm)
turd ferguson: phew!! (7:17pm)
turd ferguson: did you work out a new time? (7:21pm)
timmmii: temporarily, i'll be 8-10 starting next week until end of august (7:25pm)
timmmii: on tuesdays (7:25pm)
timmmii: but after that, will go back to 6-8pm tuesdays until something opens up (7:25pm)
timmmii: this is a helluva track (7:32pm)
turd ferguson: cool, 8-10 might be better for me, my family thinks i'm insane listening to headphones during dinner :) (7:38pm)
timmmii: hahah (7:40pm)
timmmii: i love it, and had no idea (7:40pm)
timmmii: my goal is to shift to 8-10, longterm. i'll bide my time till a slot opens up (7:41pm)
turd ferguson: cool - cya next week (8:00pm)