Chatroom History
June 6, 2018 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Dj rocky: Love ya too brother!!! Enjoy Ribbon around a bomb! Radio Valencia Wednesday%u2019s rock! (8:11pm)
Dial: Always! (8:14pm)
magdalena: hey all been busy checking out the mayor race in san francisco (9:15pm)
magdalena: love the jam (9:17pm)
Dj rocky: Who won? (9:17pm)
Dj rocky: Who won? (9:17pm)
magdalena: no one yet but my guy leno is ahead (9:18pm)
erin eyesore: yeah i hope he wins over london breed (9:20pm)
magdalena: thanks i am bisexual and i feel he will represent the lgbt and all communities as well (9:24pm)
magdalena: what music is this (9:25pm)
erin eyesore: right on (9:26pm)
erin eyesore: and i'm doing an all german show (9:26pm)
magdalena: ok got it (9:26pm)
erin eyesore: that last one was hans-a-plast (9:26pm)
magdalena: ok i have known mark for over 20 years and i like him (9:29pm)
erin eyesore: rad (9:30pm)
erin eyesore: i'll be stoked if he wins (9:30pm)
No: More Ron Conway/London breed (9:32pm)
magdalena: i do not care how he did it because he did it fair to team up jane she is my supervisor and decent (9:32pm)
magdalena: i understand (9:32pm)
magdalena: by the way i found out today if you ever call 311 for a homeless person situation it is best to ask for hot team first (9:33pm)
erin eyesore: no more ron conway for sure (9:33pm)
erin eyesore: ohh wait what do you mean a hot team? (9:33pm)
magdalena: HOT is their initials. it is like the roving team that helps homeless on the street (9:34pm)
erin eyesore: ahh gotchya (9:34pm)
erin eyesore: what was your experience? (9:35pm)
magdalena: positive i went to an event today and was told about it (9:36pm)
erin eyesore: ohh i see (9:40pm)
erin eyesore: good to know (9:40pm)
erin eyesore: thanks for sharing (9:41pm)
magdalena: anytime dig you (9:45pm)
erin eyesore: thank you! thanks for listening. (9:54pm)
erin eyesore: gute nacht to all! literally doing german stuff the rest of the month haha (9:54pm)
magdalena: anytime you have a great sound take care (9:58pm)