Chatroom History
June 20, 2018 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Dial: Hey Erin. I jumped in because Rocky was having issues. Anyway, keep on rocking! (8:08pm)
erin eyesore: ah nice! i just heard the very end. super cool! (8:08pm)
Dial: Right on. Just played some stuff I liked. Glad you dug it. (8:10pm)
Dial: German theme has been really cool! (8:11pm)
erin eyesore: oh thank you! who knew there was so much of this stuff?? (8:12pm)
Dial: Roll with it! (8:16pm)
Dj Rocky: Ich bin ein Band (8:49pm)
Dj Rocky: NO ACCORDIANS!!! they are the devil lol (8:53pm)
erin eyesore: lol i need to rep the german people's folk music (8:56pm)
Dj Rocky: appropriate "bed music" (8:57pm)
Dj Rocky: as in back ground music during a german theme radio show (9:01pm)
erin eyesore: exactly haha (9:03pm)
magdalena: interesting sound (9:22pm)
erin eyesore: hi magdalena! yep, getting a little weird (9:23pm)
erin eyesore: as the germans do (9:23pm)
magdalena: that is ok pride is this weekend (9:24pm)
erin eyesore: woohoo yes! happy pride (9:28pm)
magdalena: it will be big (9:31pm)
erin eyesore: always is! you going to any marches or events? (9:33pm)
magdalena: do not know yet (9:39pm)
erin eyesore: well pride tends to bring the best weather in sf every year (9:42pm)
magdalena: i know it is the weekend before my birthday (9:44pm)
erin eyesore: ooo awesome (9:48pm)
Dial: Hey, Magdalena! Happy pre bday. (9:50pm)
magdalena: thats to you all be safe on pride weekend (10:00pm)