Chatroom History
June 13, 2018 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Dial: Killer show Rocky. Cheers, Erin! (8:04pm)
Dj rocky: Thank you dial, you make it all worth while! (8:07pm)
Dj rocky: Thank u dial (8:07pm)
Dj rocky: Damn chat box!!! I leave u in the capable hands of Erin!! Mine frauline (8:08pm)
Dial: Not going anywhere! (8:12pm)
Dj rocky: Das it%u2019s gut (8:27pm)
Dj Rocky: Das ist gut (8:29pm)
Dj Rocky: F-ing combination of chat box and this phone!! (8:29pm)
DJ Rocky: hahaha danke danke (8:31pm)
DJ Paulitics: Digging the show, Eyesore!!! (8:55pm)
erin eyesore: thank you! (8:57pm)
erin eyesore: sorry rocky i was logged in as you before! (8:57pm)
erin eyesore: soooooo much german '80s music ha (8:57pm)
DJ Paulitics: This track is insane.... !!!! Yes! Danke! (9:09pm)
erin eyesore: so creepy and industrial right?? (9:09pm)
DJ Paulitics: Good find!... Yeah, when I find stuff like that... I'm like.. "This has to go on air!".... It's our duty to broadcast it!!! (9:14pm)
erin eyesore: YES totally (9:17pm)
RadioSutro: hey gang (10:13pm)
DJ Paulitics: The truth continues on Radio Sutro....!!!! (10:28pm)