Chatroom History
July 3, 2018 8:00pm - 10:28pm

timmmii: i am now on (8:11pm)
turd ferguson: receivers on (8:17pm)
timmmii: :) (8:19pm)
Stewedart: Niceeeeee! (8:49pm)
Filius Null: love this show thanks for art (9:01pm)
timmmii: thanks for listening! (9:09pm)
Dial: Great 4th Eve tunes, Timmmii (9:15pm)
timmmii: thanks Dial! (9:16pm)
timmmii: What's up Stewedart! (9:16pm)
Paulitics: I'm on a harmony groove-ride... this is the best thing on air in San Francisco right now! (9:19pm)
Dial: Agreed...and I am halfway across the nation! (9:20pm)
Dial: Still the best thing on air! (9:21pm)
timmmii: where you at dial? (9:22pm)
Dial: Minneapolis. (9:23pm)
timmmii: ah nice (9:24pm)
Dial: Ever been? (9:24pm)
timmmii: yes, in 2016 (9:24pm)
timmmii: and once before that (9:24pm)
timmmii: great bicycling (9:24pm)
Dial: Nice! The bike trails and culture are second to none. (9:27pm)
Dial: Bike culture (9:27pm)
Dial: Although I really enjoy the culture overall here. Good peeps! (9:28pm)
timmmii: indeed. lots of good culture there (9:29pm)
turd ferguson: wow new roosevelt! (9:31pm)
Paulitics: Big up to Minnesota! (9:34pm)
timmmii: yes, new roosevelt. (9:36pm)
timmmii: was revisting his last album today, so good (9:36pm)
Dial: Yo Yo, P!!! (9:37pm)
Dial: Did you catch any music at First Avenue when you were here? (9:38pm)
Paulitics: nope... I just went to Target Fiield,...but when I come this summer , should show me some good dive bars... (9:42pm)
Dial: Definitely. How about you, timmmii? Catch any music here? (9:45pm)
timmmii: i saw Four Tet in a random venue (9:46pm)
Dial: Pretty legendary spot and great for live DJ shows. (9:56pm)
Dial: First Avenue that is. (9:56pm)
Dial: Purple Rain was filmed there. Kinda like our Fillmore. (9:56pm)
Dial: Awesome show. Thanks, timmmii (9:59pm)
turd ferguson: thanks timmmii (10:00pm)
Dial: Liftoff! Time to travel, DJP!!! (10:09pm)
Dial: Why does tequila taste so much better during your show? (10:14pm)