Chatroom History
July 8, 2018 6:00pm - 8:27pm

MURPHAY!: Have a good show bros! (6:00pm)
Cory: TY! (6:04pm)
Kevin E!: Ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho he he he he. That%u2019s music! (6:07pm)
Cory: lol (6:32pm)
I got a fruit basket on a biz trip to NYC b/c they thought I was Alan Cumming. Also, Sardinia!!: Clams!! (6:35pm)
MURPHAY!: Detective Lenny Briscoe, Law & Order (7:40pm)
MURPHAY!: Lennie* (7:40pm)
MURPHAY!: Harriet the Spy (7:40pm)
MURPHAY!: Hahaha Piano Reeves !!!! (7:43pm)
Kevin E!: They All Laughed, John Ritter and Ben Gazzara are PI%u2019s (7:44pm)
Kevin E!: George Segal in The Black Bird. (7:45pm)
Kevin E!: All the detectives in CLUE! (7:45pm)
AlodoesDishes: Peanu Reeves (7:47pm)
Kevin E!: HA Pea Re (7:47pm)
Kevin E!: Robert Foxworth in The Black Marble (7:50pm)
Kevin E!: COBRA COBRA (7:53pm)
Kevin E!: Hello (7:55pm)
Kevin E!: The bookseller was adorable (7:55pm)
Kevin E!: Batman when he%u2019s detecting (7:56pm)
Kevin E!: Dana Carvey Master Of disguise (7:57pm)