Chatroom History
July 11, 2018 6:00pm - 6:31pm

Dial: Chilling, my friend. Looking forward to some tunes! (6:00pm)
DJ Rocky: maximus coolius (6:01pm)
Dial: Wait a minute... (6:05pm)
Dial: I know for a fact that Deathwish likes cheese... (6:05pm)
Dial: You boys better have the fixings for white russians. Perfect. Dairy but no cheese! (6:15pm)
Dial: Drink em uo! (6:15pm)
Dial: Up (6:15pm)
Dial: Deathwish is just itching to put up some drywall!!!... (6:28pm)
Dial: I could hear it in his voice. (6:29pm)