Chatroom History
July 15, 2018 2:00pm - 4:26pm

Dial: Afternoon, gentlemen! (2:20pm)
malderor: hola, mi amigo (2:24pm)
Dial: Guests today. Cool. (2:26pm)
Dial: Waylon makes everything a-ok (2:30pm)
Dial: The Moose!!! (2:33pm)
Dial: This Alta Montana song rules (2:45pm)
Netzard: Hi Dial! (2:48pm)
malderor: didn't do much prep today. (2:48pm)
malderor: was up too early for the cup (2:48pm)
Bullwinkle: Hey Now Dial! (2:48pm)
Dial: Zard and Winky! Hey!!! (2:54pm)
Dial: Lack of prep? Nothing edibles cant fix...?!?! (2:58pm)
Dial: You guys are too sweet!!! (3:02pm)
Bullwinkle: Dial The Mushrooms Sounded Fun. (3:03pm)
Dial: Was so cool! (3:05pm)
Dial: New hobby...someday. (3:07pm)
Dial: They were serving a mushroom pate that was incredible. (3:09pm)
Dial: Great set, Moose. (3:15pm)
Dial: Tell em, Malderor. (3:30pm)
Dial: I liked the Deathwish pick, too. (3:30pm)
malderor: i'll tell them. whatever it was i told. (3:34pm)
malderor: i forgot i hated this song. (3:57pm)
TinkerTheHog: Oink Oink (4:00pm)